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Our range of seed raising options and Heating appliances. 

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We are often asked about temperature ranges and wattage needed for successful propagation. All Biogreen heatmats and propagators go up to 40°C.  However the wattage of the propagator is also very important, depending on the external environment. For example a 22 watt propagator in a cold unheated greenhouse will be unlikely to raise the temperature to anything like its maximum and these small wattage units are best in a heated indoor or heated greenhouse environment.  Please note that you must use an RCD device for these units in any outhouse or greenhouse environment.

Bio Green Grand Top Propagator


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BioGreen Mid Size Propagator - RRP £113

This temperature controlled seed propagator from BioGreen is ideal for raising seeds taking cuttings or over wintering exotic plants with a maximum heat output of 65 W.

  • Supplied flat packed for easy despatch and assembly
  • Strong UV-stabilised Cover Protection System
  • Extra height (40cm) for big plants
  • Digital thermostat, accurate control 0-40°C including a remote probe
  • Power lead length 1.2 m
  • Includes flexible 36x70cm aluminium heatmat
  • Zipped side ventillation panels  
  • Aluminium construction Holds 3 Standard 38cm Trays
  • Dimensions - L 76cm x H 46cm x D 40cm

Bio Green Jumbo Propagator


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BioGreen Ideal choice for a powerful larger propagator

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BioGreen Jumbo Propagator (RRP £152)

Just what you need to house your tender tropicals during the winter. This large seed propagator with it’s spacious housing 130cm by 60cm and half a metre high will accommodate a host of plants. Temperature control at sensor level and easy push fit assembly, plus a really useful 0-40°C temperature range backed up by a 150 W powerful heat mat. Capable of taking 8 full size seed trays and with zipped access/ventilation panels, it makes this product a popular choice. The heat source is based on BioGreen’s well known heatmat technology ideal for raising seed or striking cuttings. Easy disassembly for storage during the summer when not in use.

Seed Sowing Containers

300 ml Clear Containers Qty 8

Based on many years of experience you normally only need small seed containers for initial germination in a propagator. For growing plants in larger quantities of course normal half or full size seed trays are ideal but for smaller quantities try using these clear polypropylene containers.

  • A normal full size 38cm seed tray will house 8 of these containers maximising your heated space.
  • They have the advantage of being able to see any initial roots through the clear sides and base.
  • They can be removed individually as soon as plants are too large, ready for pricking out.
  • Each container can be easily turned around if the seedlings are bending one way towards the light.
  • The low height is sufficient for initial root development but maximises growing height within a propagator lid.
  • Size 108mm L x 82mm W x 50mm H
  • Microwaveable so easily cleaned in very hot water
  • Recyclable polypropylene material but useful for repeated use if cleaned thoroughly.
  • Stackable so easily stored away when not in use 
  • NOTE these are supplied WITHOUT drainage holes - please drill 4 off 5mm to 10mm holes in the base or using a sharp pointed knife pierce and twist 4 holes in the base for drainage.

Thermometer Indoor - Outdoor


Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer plus Remote Probe Thermometer

A very usefull low cost Chinese manufactured unit that measures the temperature and humidity at the base unit and the temperature where the wired probe is placed. Perfect for measuring Indoors temperature and outside temperature if the probe is placed just outside your window. Also very useful for measuring your greenhouse temperature and humidity with maximum and minimum statistics. In addition the remote 60cm probe can be placed inside your propagator for measuring seed raising temperatures or the outside greenhouse temperature. In summary:-

  • Displays the indoor temperature.
  • Displays indoor humidity.
  • Displays remote probe temperature
  • Displays the maximum and minimum indoor and outdoor temperatures recorded.
  • Displays indoor maximum and minimum humidity recorded.
  • Selectable degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • The unit can be hung up on a small hook or can be free standing
  • Unit measures 12.5cm x 7cm
  • Please note the unit requires 1x AAA battery not included.