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Please Note: Parasene have now made the decision not to manufacture Propagators any more.

This section of our Online Catalogue contains a collection of some of the finest garden accessories available today. Innovative ideas coupled with quality British manufacturing, ensures a unique range that is both durable and functional. We have been selling this household garden product range for over 15 years and they continue to be very popular with our customers.

Parasene Soil Warming Cable BH220

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Parasene Soil Warming Range - 6m cable only available at the moment 75w
Build your own propagator with these Parasene soil warming cables or use as under soil heating in your greenhouse. Soil warming cables are mains operated, fully insulated, safe and easy to use (full instructions supplied). Soil Warming Cables are recommended for areas of 5 sq.ft., 10sq.ft., 20sq.ft., and 40sq.ft., respectively.

A soil warming cable is the ideal way to propagate seeds and cuttings on a greenhouse bench. A simple frame can be constructed from wood to form the propagating area required, which is them lined with polythene. The cable is laid onto a 5cm of horticultural sharp sand and covered with a further 5cm of sand. Alternatively the cable can be laid out on to an insulating material like polystyrene sheet and covered over with tin foil then a layer of polythene and then some felt matting to hold moisture under the seedtrays.

The cable is normally laid in runs 3" to 4" apart. This layout will allow you to raise the soil temperature by 11-13 C, above the greenhouse ambient. Higher temperatures can be achieved by laying the cable runs as close together as 5cm. In this case a thermostat should be used to precisely control the soil temperature to avoid over heating.

Please note that these Parasene cables have approx 1.7 metre of additional mains flex from the plug to the start of the heated section of cable.

Parasene Cable Thermostat 200


Back in Stock Shortly (In the interim please use our Jungstat thermostat instead for heating cables)

200  Thermostat

This Parasene Greenhouse Thermostat is ideal for use in conjunction with the Parasene soil warming cables above. It provides automatic control and makes more economical use of the cables. (Please note that if this thermostat is to be used with the Biogreen heating cables, an extension 5 amp fused socket must be wired to the thermostat to be able to plug in the soil warming cable which cannot be wired in directly)

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JempVent Window Openers

Automatic Jempvent automatic Window Opener

The Jempvent automatic Window Opener. You should not be without these in your greenhouse as protection from overheating in strong sunlight and to increase ventilation whenever possible. (Please Note not suitable for heavy wooden window frames).