Banana Plants

Banana Plants

(Shipping May to Sept 2017)

Tropical Banana Plants by mail order - probably my favourite Exotic for a stunning effect, many easy to grow from seed but there is a much wider availability from plant propagation.
Apart from Seeds and some Greenhouse Products, we sometimes also sell a range of tropical plants. We only supply these from late May to September and specialise in Banana Plants, Brugmansia, Gingers and some Conservatory Plants. Please Note: We do not grow huge volumes of plants and we may run out of availability by mid season.

All plants are shipped by courier services and because this is seasonal we CANNOT TAKE MIXED ORDERS of Seeds or Products along with Plant orders.  Please place any Plants as a separate order of Plants only. Any mixed orders with other products will not be accepted. Plant orders are only accepted for UK delivery addresses and surcharge areas may require additional shipping charges.

Ensete maurelii

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Ensete maurelii the Red Abysinian Banana 1 litre plants


We offer and always have offered a micro propagated selected clone of Ensete maurelii with huge wide leaves. Our form of this superb plant has to be the king of all banana's. The one shown in the picture was grown in our front garden and stood at about 9ft tall in late July in it's second season after over wintering in a Polytunnel! Easily reaching 6ft in the first year from small plants and 7ft to 8ft from our larger plants and possibly large given warm conditions and a rich soil with plenty of water and no wind. The fabulous red, stained foliage is enhanced in our cool climate, turning almost completely green in tropical high temperatures. Easy and fast growing, although not hardy, it enjoys our cool summers - Will require over wintering in a greenhouse or conservatory.

Musa basjoo


Musa basjoo - Japanese Hardy Banana 3 litre plants. җ җ җ 

Musa basjoo is a hardy Banana actually from China that you can leave out all winter. This tall slender banana with bright green leaves makes a very architectural plant in the garden. It soon develops suckers to form a clump effect so reminiscent of the bananas seen in tropical countries. If you protect the main stem in winter with for example chimney liner pots in-filled with straw and covered with a suitable artefact that keeps the rain out but allowing the plant to breath, this may keep the main growing stem alive. It should then continue to grow the following spring with the plant making enough growth in our summer to possibly reach flowering size. Normally the plant would be cut down after the first frost damage and the rootstock protected with straw or bracken during winter, in spring shoots from the base exceed 6ft to 7ft by September.

Musa cavendishii

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Dwarf cavendishii fruiting Banana 1 litre plants

If you have the headroom Musa cavendishii is one of the bananas of commerce producing large hands of slightly smaller bananas on a plant reaching 10ft or so to the top of the leaves (Yes it is a dwarf variety!). Flower and fruit could be expected in three years providing sufficient heat, food, sunlight and water are provided. At this time the base of the main stem will be about 15" diameter. Many suckers develop but from my experience these sap the strength of the plant and are best removed if you intend to grow it to fruiting size. If left on, the plant will quickly develop multiple stems making an attractive clump of banana leaved foliage. (Needs a minimum night temperature all year round of 18C and 25C plus during the day) Can be used as an exotic house plant given a bright light position but for foliage use only.

Musa griersonii Daj Giant


Giant Himalayan Banana 3 litre plants җ җ

Musa griersonii Daj Giant is a recent introduction taller, more robust and faster growing than sikkimensis and in our experience slightly hardier and a magnificent plant. The new leaves have a red flush to the reverse adding to the attraction. Picture is of some plants outside in the summer in our front garden.

Musa sikkimensis


Musa sikkimensis hardy Himalayan Banana 3 litre plants  җ җ  

Musa sikkimensis originates from 6,000ft in the Himalayas, and is significantly larger than Basjoo. Already it is proving to be more suitable than Basjoo in our tricky summer climate, more resilient to winds and continues to grow in cool weather when Basjoo almost stops. Trials over the last few years prove that it over winters outdoors successful given the same treatment. Extremely attractive with some plants displaying young leaves either mottled maroon or with a maroon reverse.



To Grow -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

May be ok for a dry Conservatory ♣

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җ җ Fully Hardy җ җ җ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving