Conservatory Plants

Unusual Conservatory and Heated Greenhouse Plants.

(Shipping May to Sept 2017) 

In season we sell specialised plants suitable for Conservatories and House plants for those of you wanting to try something different.

Apart from Seeds and some Greenhouse Products, we sometimes also sell a range of tropical plants. We only supply these from late May to September and specialise in Banana Plants, Brugmansia, Gingers and some Conservatory Plants. Please Note: We do not grow huge volumes of plants and we may run out of availability by mid season.

All plants are shipped by courier services and because this is seasonal we CANNOT TAKE MIXED ORDERS of Seeds or Products along with Plant orders.  Please place any Plants as a separate order of Plants only. Any mixed orders with other products will not be accepted. Plant orders are only accepted for UK delivery addresses and surcharge areas may require additional shipping charges.

Abelmoschus manihot

Hibiscus manihot 1 litre plants grown from cuttings
A spectacular shrub like plant with large 6” Hibiscus like yellow blooms with a maroon central blotch. They do need heat to get going but a 6ft Abelmoschus plant with side shoots covered in these gorgeous blooms is achievable in a single season even from seed. Very fast growing in heat and you can also eat the leaves that are more nutritious than spinach.

Allamanda cathartica


Allamanda cathartica or Golden Trumpet Vine 1 litre plants

Allamanda cathartica is a classic climber from tropical regions not at all cold hardy and you will need a very warm heated environment to keep this wonderful climber. We also have a purple flowered form and an apricot/purple flower but they are reluctant to propagate easily.

Alocasia calidora

Persian Palm 3 litre plants
This cross of Alocasia gageana and Alocasia odora, originally hybridised by LariAnn Garner of Aroidia Research, has huge rounded leaves similar to Odora, but much stronger growing reaching 4ft in its first season given plenty of water, food and heat.

Alocasia portei


New for 2017!

Elephants Ear 1 litre plant

Alocasia portei reaching over 2 metres tall is a large plant with very heavily scalloped leaves over a metre long unlike most Alocasias. Alocasia portei is one of the parents of Alocasia x 'Portora'. It prefers semi shade, plenty of water when mature but will go dormant if the temperature falls below 10 degrees. Try not to over water when young in cool temperatures or you may kill the plant!

Begonia Lucerna


Cane Stem Begonia 1 litre plant

Begonia Lucerna is a strong-growing, erect cane-stem begonia with attractive large olive green leaves heavily spotted with silver. If kept warm it produces large panicles of pink flowers almost all year round. I have kept one of these plants for many years as it makes a useful, quite tough house plant tolerating full sun as well as semi shade. If left unchecked it will make 4ft to 5ft tall but can be kept pruned for a more bushy plant.

Beloperone guttata variegata

Beloperone guttata variegata or Shrimp Plant 1 litre plant
Beloperone guttata variegata is a very useful pot plant that I have grown at various times over the years and always a favourite of my wife. We offer here a lovely variegated leaf form for something a bit different.

Carica Papaya Red Maradol

Paw Paw Dwarf Red Maradol 3 litre plants
A dwarf Papaya capable of fruiting within 7 months from seed when only 50cm tall in tropical conditions. A native of Mexico it has pink flesh rather than the normal peach. This plant will need to be kept between 15°C and 30°C to grow properly and the flowers will not set or will fall off outside of this temperature range. Self fertile variety 9 months old plants available. Ours start flowering after a year, with the first ripe fruit in about 18 months from seed.

Cestrum nocturnum


Cestrum nocturnum or Lady of the Night 1 litre plants

Cestrum nocturnum has one of the strongest fragrances around in the evening, when the scent becomes almost intoxicating. The masses of small, creamy blooms open up at night releasing their perfume, but some scent still lingers during the day from the semi closed flowers. They bloom on and off during the warmer months of the year and grow quickly so regular pruning will be needed to keep it contained. An extremely popular plant always in high demand.

Colocasia esculenta Black Magic

Violet Elephants Ear 1 litre plants
An exotic aroid, used in Florida and the tropics for water side gardening where it grows huge 2ft  leaves on clumps reaching 6ft high and wide. Smokey and exotic looking, this unusual plant displays fantastic huge purple black elephant ear shaped leaves. An excellent humid conservatory subject, easily over wintered in a heated greenhouse if kept on the dry side during winter. Requires partial sun otherwise the leaves will turn green. Please note: not suitable as a house plant as it requires warm humid conditions.

Colocasia fontanesii

Violet Elephants Ear 1 litre plant
Fontanessii, another cool hardy Colocasia  producing huge heart shaped 2ft leaves on clumps reaching 6ft. The leaves are larger and more leathery than Black Magic. Purple black stems and dark green black leaves create an excellent display. Easily over wintered in a frost free greenhouse or conservatory, if kept on the dry side during winter.

Colocasia illustris

Elephants Ear or Taro - 1 litre plants 
A beautiful variety a bit like black magic but with deep green veins in the leaf. Unlike Black Magic the leaves turn green in full sun and is therefore best in partial shade or filtered sun. This plant loves water but a free draining compost is absolutely essential.

Cyperus papyrus

Cyperus papyrus the Egyptian Papyrus plant - 1 litre pots 2ft tall
Both seed and plant demands for Cyperus papyrus from JS&G are high. Attractive 6ft plus reeds with 18” delicate flower heads, drifting in the breeze. If planted out for summer bedding they require protection from the wind or the reeds will bend and break.

Cyphomandra betacea

Tree Tomato 1 litre plants җ
A quick growing novelty plant from Peru that has good use both for its tomato like edible red fruit that is eaten and tastes a bit like a passion fruit (it just looks like a plum tomato!) It has large downy leaves making it a bold pot plant for terrace decoration or summer bedding. Makes a sparse shrub with terminal 4” racemes of 1” pink highly scented flowers spring to summer. Hardy down to cold levels even withstanding a light frost. Excellent if you have a frost free glass house to house it over winter and I have heard it has proven hardy down in the west country. These plants are cutting grown from mature fruiting trees and are already in flower/bud.

Hibiscus schizopetalus


Hibiscus schizopetalus or Fringed Hibiscus 1 litre plants

One look at the Hibiscus schizopetalus the fringed hibiscus, and it’s easy to see why the shrub is so popular across the world. It’s unique weeping flowers set it apart from other hibiscus varieties. The gorgeous pink and red pendent flowers make it very popular as a pot plant. Growing naturally to more than eight feet tall, the plant can be pruned and trained but it needs a very warm environment to survive our winters.

Impatiens niamniamensis

Impatiens niamniamensis or Congo Cockatoo 1 litre plants
Impatiens niamniamensis is a succulent-stemmed, balsam like plant from tropical East Africa has flowers that look like the head of a scarlet, yellow, and green parrot. This dramatic and unusual houseplant can grow to 3’ tall, covered periodically with these quite gaudy flowers. Although not constantly in bloom, it  typically produces its long-lasting flowers several times a year. Grow in a warm part shady position under glass just like a balsam plant.

Ipomea indica


Ipomea indica or Perennial Morning Glory 1 litre pots 

Ipomea indica is a strong growing tender vine more robust than the normal morning glory with large blue flowers that fade to pink as they age and large three lobed leaves. Propagated by cuttings and over wintered in a heated greenhouse keeping the plant on the dry side. Beware this plant is rampant but not winter hardy so no bind weed problems if planted outside in the UK!

Justicia carnea


New for 2017!

Brazilian Plume Flower 1 litre plants

Justicia carnea the Brazilian plume flower is an attractive small indoor shrub which performs best when grown in the full sun of a south facing window or a glass house. Keep the soil moist at all times but never soggy, and feed every two weeks with a good all purpose fertilizer from March through to October. Justicias can be pruned back drastically in early Spring to prevent legginess.

Mandevilla Vogue 'Ginger'


New for 2017!

Pink Mandevilla 1 litre pots

This very floriferous hybrid is one of the showiest of all pink flowered vines, with clusters of 3”-4” bright rose pink trumpets with orange throats all year round in heat. Handsome leathery dark green leaves and twining stems. This smemi dwarf variety is popular vine that likes heat and does well in patio containers or even baskets if kept pinched out and will continue to flower all winter in a heated conservatory. It will not tolerate any frost so they need over wintering under glass.

Megaskepasma erythrochlamys

Megaskepasma erythrochlamys or Brazilian Red Cloak 1 litre plants
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys is a showy, tropical shrub with a grotesque botanical name occurs naturally in Venezuela. The showy ‘flower’ consists of red bracts surrounding the true white flower, a magnificent shrub to 10ft, but containable as a warm conservatory exotic if pruned. Our stock plants all flower profusely from August to October - very rare in the UK.

Murraya koenigii

Murraya koenigii - the Curry Leaf Plant 1 litre plants 

We have a few Murraya koenigii plants grown from seed each year of the Curry-leaf tree. A native of India and Sri Lanka, it is a small tree suitable for pot culture with very pungent aromatic leaves. The leaves are used in curries. Flowers late spring to early summer with small white flowers, 5/16 of an inch across and are sweetly scented.

Murraya koenigii need warm temperatures with full sun to partial shade and a well draining loam based compost mix. The compost should be allowed to thoroughly dry between waterings. Fertilize weekly during the growing season and do not let the winter temperature fall below 18c° when watering should be very light. A small tree perhaps making 4ft in 5 years.

Pachystachys lutea


Lollipop Plant 1 litre plants

This evergreen shrub grows in a clumping manner with multiple erect/upright stems emerging from the base. At the tip of each stem, colourful spikes of yellow bracts are borne, within which white flowers are held. Once the flowers mature they begin to protrude from the spike of bracts creating a lovely bright yellow and white display. This plant looks spectacular when in flower and makes a stunning pot plant. A rare plant and not readily available in the UK from anyone else!

Passiflora exoniensis


Shipping June/July

Pink Passion Flower

I acquired this passion flower in Portugal many years ago trailing over a tree in a friends garden. It appears to be a cross of Antioquensis and Mollisima, with almost identical flower colour and size, but with shorter flower stems allowing a more horizontal flower display. The plant is also more robust, cool temperature tolerant, with larger deep green leaves. Will take a very light frost ie -1C

Passiflora Temptation


Hybrid Passion Flower 1 litre plants

This hybrid passion flower is a vigorous plant and flowers prolifically with stunning lilac blue frilly flowers, as a bonus it has a slight scent. Ideal for a greenhouse or conservatory and tolerant of cool temperatures but not frost. 

Philodendron bipinnatifidum


New for 2017!

Philodendron bipinnatifidum syn Selloum 1 litre plants

Large glossy cut leaves make this plant (I have grown it for perhaps 40 odd years) an excellent subject for indoor use. Philodendron bipinnatifidum is not always available from your local garden centre and I have a few plants available this year. For the first 5 years or so it is clump forming but after that does establish a trunk. In the wild it is a slow tree climber. Tough and very tolerant of indoor conditions with glossy dark green leaves becoming cut leafed as it gets older, it is a must if you have not grown it before.

Plumbago capensis

Plumbago Capensis Darker Blue Clone 1 litre pots 
Plumbago capensis is a shrubby plant that throws long runners almost like a non clinging climber. If pruned it can be kept to shape and is often used as hedging in the Tropics. This year I have located an improved new clone of this plant with darker blue flowers,  more shrubby in form, making a compact bush. It is also proving very floriferous and will be the only variety offered by us from now on. The one in the picture above and behind is the darker clone.

Russelia equisetiformis

Russelia equisetiformis or Coral Blow 1 litre plants
Russelia equisetiformis the Coral plant is a multi-branched sub shrub with slender rush like stems. The wiry branches start out erect then fall over cascading down in lengths as long as 4 ft (1.2 m). Flowers from spring until autumn outdoors in warm climates and all year long indoors. The flowers are produced in hanging clusters of scarlet tubular flowers about 1 in (2.5 cm) long that look like little firecrackers, inspiring the plant’s common name. Slow growing at first it will eventually fill quite a large pot given warm conditions. In the tropics it attracts humming birds for the flower nectar.

Saccharum officinarum

Saccharum officinarum or Sugar Cane 1 litre plants
If you are into novelties and pampas grass, then this one fits the bill. The course grass like foliage is almost identical to pampas, but with stronger stems. Difficult to over winter below 10C, and can become chloritic in alkaline conditions. One year growth maybe to 5ft in ideal conditions and the suckers can be propagated once the plant is established. Saccharum officinarum is not suitable for planting outside in the UK even if we have a warm summer and needs to be under glass all year round.

Saccharum officinarum violaceum


Saccharum officinarum violaceum or Purple Sugar Cane 1 litre plants

Saccharum officinarum violaceum is an excellent architectural plant that grows at an astonishing speed to 10ft given enough warmth. It is definitely a lot tougher and cold hardier than the ordinary form with March propagated cuttings already reaching 6ft tall by August under glass and 5ft plus outside. A graceful elegant large grass with purple/green leaves and purple veins that also performed really well as summer bedding in our trials, forming large purple grass clumps to 6ft by August/September. This plant is quite tender at the root level and needs a warm winter environment keeping it on the dry side to keep it alive. Much easier to look after though than the tropical green edible form.

Solandra maxima


Solandra maxima or Chalice Vine 1 litre plants

Solandra maxima is a fast growing very large tropical climber, only suitable for large conservatories, that bears massive yellow flowers the size of dinner plates. An excellent specimen can be seen at Wisley in their tropical House. The large yellow cup shaped flower gives the plant its common name.

Solanum macranthum


New for 2017!

Brazilian Giant Potato Tree 1 litre plants

The Brazilian Giant Potato tree with its huge ornamental leaves, is a rare fragrant blue flowered large shrub typical  of the solanum family. The blooms start white, fade to a light pink and then to blue, much like the Brunfelsia. Best for a large warm conservatory and although closely related to the Solanum glasnevin it does need a minimum of 10C over winter. It develops large decorative fig like leaves adding to the attraction and in enough warmth  flowers continuously. A stunning small tree or large shrub that should be better known. Useful as a tropical patio plant outside in summer given a warm sunny sheltered location.

Strobilanthes dyerianus


Strobilanthes dyerianus or Persian Shield 1 litre plants

Strobilanthes dyerianus commonly called Persian Shield is among the most sought after foliage plants worldwide. It produces quite unique shimmering iridescent purple coloured metallic looking leaves. Used as a house plant in the UK it is a shade lover but with dappled sunlight the colouring is much stronger. However strong sun burns the leaves. Always late in the season to propagate so please be patient.

Thunbergia grandiflora


Thunbergia grandiflora or Clock Vine 1 litre plants

Thunbergia grandiflora is a blue flowering conservatory vine of good habit, the dark green foliage compliments the large waxy flowers with a yellow throat. The one in the picture under trials for outdoor summer bedding was a year old growing up a frame by our front door and 7ft tall. It flowered non stop from May to October. In a conservatory it can become rampant unless controlled/trained and in warm conditions flowers all year round.

Thunbergia gregorii


New for 2017!

Orange Clock Vine 1 litre 

Thunbergia gregorii the perennial Orange Clock Vine is native to central tropical Africa. The really bright pure orange flowers are produced continuously all summer in warm conditions to 8ft or more. Semi hardy it can recover from light frosts but not recommended for outside over winter in the UK! Best kept frost free over winter under glass. This is a vigourus plant once established prefering full sun and a sheltered postion.



To Grow -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

May be ok for a dry Conservatory ♣

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җ җ Fully Hardy җ җ җ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving