New Flower Seeds

New Flower Seed for 2020

As part of our customer service we are always looking for exciting or unusual new seeds on a regular basis, all of these  are consolidated into our website as they become available but we like to highlight them in this section. Although these new seeds appear within each category, the following is a growing and working list of all new items for the coming season.


This section will be regularly updated as new seeds come in.

Achimenes Rhizomes


Hot Water Plants 3 small healthy rhizomes 

Achimenes a member of the Gesneriacea family are often called hot water plants. Easy to grow if you have a warm propagator to start them off and a warm shady glasshouse to grow them on. Avoid direct sunlight. They make an excellent pot plant to bring indoors when in full flower. The plants die back in winter and the compost should be kept warm but dry then harvest the new rhizomes from the roots back in a propagator to get them started again. I have a few freshly harvested rhizomes available left from my own plants in four different colours.

Canna edulis


New for 2020!

Edible Indian Shot 5 seeds җ

Canna edulis can grow to 3m tall, similar to Canna musifolia grande, it is frost tender so best lifted at the end of the growing season. The small red flowers are produced late August to October given warm conditions and a moist sunny protected spot outside in the UK. The large roots are a source of Canna Starch similar to arrowroot produced by grating the rhizomes but the young sweet fibrous rhizomes can also be eaten although best after many hours of baking.

Carica papaya Dwarf Hybrid Collection


New for 2020!

Dwarf Papaya Collection 20 seeds

I have had some success growing Papaya Red Maradol in a heated polytunnel but I am still looking for the best variety for our non ideal UK growing conditions. For pot growing they need to be dwarf, fruit early and have some resistance to spider mite and foliage not too large. I offer you a mix of 4 seeds each of 5 dwarf varieties to try out. I am also growing all of these for trials. Red Maradol, Solo Sunrise, Tainung No 1, Linda and Red Lady. All of these are self fertile suitable for large pot culture and start fruiting in about 9 months from seed (even earlier in hotter conditions) and when around 1 metre tall.  Note: These plants will need to be kept between 15C and 30C to grow properly and the flowers will not set or will fall off outside of this temperature range.

Carica papaya F1 Red Lady


New for 2020!

Dwarf Papaya 10 seeds

Papaya Red Lady is a self pollinating dwarf hybrid with huge crops and one of the most successful commercial varieties. It bears 1kg fruit when only 80cm tall with red, very sweet flesh.  Note: These plants will need to be kept between 15C and 30C to grow properly and the flowers will not set or will fall off outside of this temperature range.

Carica papaya F1 Tainung No. 1


New for 2020!

Dwarf Papaya 10 seeds

Papaya Tainung # 1 hybrid is an easy to grow dwarf plant with large 1kg fruit and red fleshed. Has both female and hermaphrodite flowers. A popular variety in the Caribbean. Note: These plants will need to be kept between 15C and 30C to grow properly and the flowers will not set or will fall off outside of this temperature range.

Carica papaya Linda


New for 2020!

Dwarf Papaya 10 seeds

Papaya Linda is a new dwarf hybrid with similar fruit to Solo Sunrise but slightly larger 700gms on dwarf plants. Has both female and hermaphrodite flowers so self pollinating. Note: These plants will need to be kept between 15C and 30C to grow properly and the flowers will not set or will fall off outside of this temperature range.

Carthamus Kinko


New for 2020!

Safflower Aprx 50 seeds

This member of the sunflower family bears deep orange thistley like flowers but without any thorns . Excellent as an annual cut flower fresh and bred just for that purpose. Flowers are sometines used for colouring food, but have little taste. Often used as a dried flower in arrangements. Can be sown either directly outside or under cover Feb to Apr before planting out. Maximum height 4ft

Celosia cristata Amigo Mixed


New for 2020!

Mixed Cockscomb Aprx 50 seeds 

Cristata form of Celosia with a lovely bright colour range. Can be used both as an indoor Summer pot plant or a as a bedding/container item. 15cm.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue


New for 2019!

Florist Blue gum 10 seeds җ җ җ

Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue is excellent for use as a cut foliage item for floral arrangements. It develops as a small well-branched hardy tree or bush for smaller gardens. Great in patio pots or even as a house plant The tree retains its bluish juvenile leaves and colour as it ages and the foilage is also very fragrant. An unusual Eucalyptus in that it produces white flowers in profusion even as a small tree. 200cm

Hibiscus ferrugineus


New for 2020!

Shrub Hibiscus 10 seeds 

Hibiscus ferrugineus is a shrub native to Madagascar and South Africa, with heart-shaped leaves and bright pink flowers. Likes dry conditions and a good option as a conservatory pot plant.

Ipomoea aurantiaca


New for 2020!

Species Ipomoea (10 seeds Per Pkt)

Ipomoea aurantiaca is a dainty vine with very slender shoots, heart shaped leaves and yellow to orange flowers, native to moist forests in southernmost Mexico and northern Guatemala between 1000 and 2000 m

Passiflora coactilis


New for 2020!

Tacsonia Passion Flower  10 seeds  

Passiflora coactilis is a fast growing rare evergreen climber from the Tacsonia group. Flowers are long, pink and attractive. It comes fom the Andes up to an altitude of 3600 meters so resistant to lower temperatures up to a minimum of -5°C. Well worth a try for a cold conservatory.

Plumbago capensis


Back in Stock for 2020!

Plumbago Capensis - Leadwort 10 seeds

Plumbago capensis with its sky blue flowers is a popular scrambling shrub in temperate climates often used as hedging but also popular as a conservatory plant if given the occasional light prune to keep it in check.

Protea compacta


New for 2010!

We recommend using our Kirstenbosch smoke Primers for Protacea

Prince Protea 10 seeds

The Botriver sugarbush is a very popular, attractive and hardy protea growing to a maximum of 3.5 tall. The flowers are a neat goblet -shaped and have long  soft pink bracts Ideal as a cut flower and very attractive. Hardy to USA zone 8.

Sempervivum Species Mixed


New for 2020!

Hens and Chickens Aprx 50 seeds җ җ

"Hen and Chickens" or "House Leeks" are an evergreen succulent, excellent for old walls and rockeries in a dry sheltered location. Surprisingly hardy and valued for their distinctive spiralled rosettes 7cm tall.

Tabebuia argentea


New for 2020!

Yellow Tabebuia 10 seeds

This is one of the best tropical yellow flowering trees originating in Brazil. It is a showy tropical flowering small tree with a crooked trunk and corky bark. During the summer leafless stage it is covered with a profusion of rich yellow trumpet flowers 5-8 cm long followed by foliage similar looking to Tecoma stans. Some training as a young plant to prevent a lax habit and a good candidate for a conservatory pot plant placed outside in the summer while flowering.



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