New Vegetable Seeds

New Vegetable Seeds for 2018

As part of our customer service we are always looking for exciting or unusual new seeds on a regular basis, all of these  are consolidated into our website as they become available but we like to highlight them in this section. Although these new seeds appear within each category, the following is a growing and working list of all new items for the coming season.


This section will be regularly updated as new seeds come in.

Artichoke Arad


New for 2018!

Artichoke  20 seeds җ җ

We love Globe artichokes and this is a new variety to try out. Arad is a purple-green coloured variety, featuring tender flesh and sweet flavour. Excellent eating quality. Almost spineless. Uniform oval shaped globes; typically 10cm in diameter.

Artichoke Tavor


New for 2018!

Artichoke  20 seeds җ җ

We love Globe artichokes and this is a new variety to try out. Tavor is a thornless Green Globe variety. Produces uniform, round shaped artichokes, with sweet flavour and tender texture. For best results harvest when 12cm in diameter.

Basil Collection (Individual Pkts)


New for 2018!

Mixed Basil Aprx 200 seeds

Our collection of tender Basil all seperately labelled in individual pkts for different flavours and texture. Includes:-

  • Genovese Sweet Basil
  • Basil Holy
  • Lime Basil
  • Mrs Burn's Lemon
  • Liquorice Basil
  • Thai Basil
  • Purple Ruffles
  • Genovese Sweet Basil Red

Basil Napoletano Bolloso


New for 2018!

Giant Leaf Basil Aprx 100eeds

Giant leaf basil. Dark green wrinkled leaves with a very intense flavour & aroma with leaves as big as your hand!

Bean Runner Guiness Record


New for 2018!

Huge Scarlet Flowered Runner Bean  Aprx 50 Seeds

A red flowered variety that produces extra long pods, averaging around 45cm in length. If the clusters are pruned to one pod per cluster at an early stage then it is possible for the pod to reach 50cm in length. Excellent plant vigour. Resistant to virus races 1 and 2.

Carica Papaya Thai Dwarf


New for 2018!

Dwarf Papaya 10 seeds

Tropical Golden Dwarf Papaya is a fast growing papaya only reaching 3- 5 feet but bearing fruits as large as 2 lbs in about 12 months from seed given warm conditions. Another great container plant for a heated warm glasshouse with a winter 24 hour temperature above 15c. Papaya have added health benefits as well as the novelty value and contain the digestive enzyme papain that is why it is valuable for aiding digestion. Prevents nausea (includes morning sickness and motion sickness). Also known for its ability to help fight cancer.

Cyperus esculentus


New for 2018!

Tiger Nut or Yellow Nutsedge 20 small tubers

Tiger Nuts or Yellow Nutsedge was very popular years ago as it is not a true nut and therefore not associated with Nut aalergies. It is now becoming populatr again and classed as a superfood being full of fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper, Potassium and Magnesium. Plus its low in calories and Gluten free. Best started in a greenhouse and planted out after frosts have finished or kept in pots and kept well watered (its a sedge!) One plant can produce hundreds of tiger nuts if left to harvest in late autumn.

Kailaan Kichi


New for 2018!

Chinese Broccoli  Aprx 100 seeds җ

Chinese Kale or Kailaan as it is known, is a chinese broccoli which would make for an interesting substitute to standard brocolli with your dinner. It is slightly tangier in flavour than regular broccoli. This is a white flowered variety and the name is Cantonese for Chinese Kale. The flowers, leaves and stem can be eaten but the stem usually needs the skin peeled off. It is fast growing, approximately 60 days from transplanting and  can be sown all through the growing season. Kichi is a uniform variety with large blue green waxy leaves. With excellent stem and bud eating quality. Later maturing type with good holding ability. Some tolerance to Downy Mildew. Normally harvested when just coming into flower June to December - takes a light frost.

Kale Yokohama Mix


New for 2018!

Ornamental Kale  Aprx 25 seeds җ җ җ

A new compact ornamental Kale with extra-curly fringed leaves. Plants fit perfectly into containers and are slow to bolt. Includes two popular colours and a mix. Kale is well known as an edible foliage, but for a novelty item try these bedding and cut flower types! Used extensively in cooler seasons.

Pea Little SnowPea Purple


New for 2018!

Ornamental Sugar Snap Pea Aprx 100 seeds җ җ җ

A new compact Pea variety only 24 inches tall, this dwarf snow pea is as attractive as it is tasty. Excellent for container planting, Little Snowpea Purple's sweet, refreshingly crisp pods are preceded by showy bi-colour purple flowers. Enjoy the crop as well as the attractive two tone flowers!

Radish German Giant


Giant German Radish Aprx 50 seeds

Originally collected in Germany this radish retains its high quality from the size of a marble to the size of a snooker ball. It does not get woody or spongy, and rarely splits, handling drought-like conditions well. With scarlet skin and a white flesh it is crispy and mild at any size. Thin plants out to get the larger sizes!

Sweet Corn Double Red


New for 2018!

Red Sweet Corn 16 seeds

A new exciting Sweet Corn from the USA with brilliantly coloured kernels in shades of red/white and purple.  Suitable for cooler climates like the UK it has high yields from stocky short plants.  The bonus is the beautiful ornamental red stalks, red husks and even the male flowers are red tinted. A delicious early sweet corn that is excellent for eating fresh from the cob, but also good for drying and grinding to make traditional corn flour.

I was first alerted to this new corn by a customer, Duncan Meyers who had one growing amongst his Bloody Butcher plants that led to finding a true seed source.

Tomato Brandy Boy F1


New for 2018!

Hybrid Brandywine Tomato  10 seeds

One of the all-time classic tomatoes is now even better. Brandy Boy captures all the rich flavour of the beloved Brandywine heirloom tomatoes, with a more shapely form, tidier growth habit, improved disease resistance and bigger, earlier yields. This new hybrid produces loads of large pink fruits up to 15cm across. The fruits ripen evenly and share Brandywine's heirloom texture, thin skin and exceptional sweet tangy taste.

Tomato Rosella


New for 2018!

Vining Pink Cherry Tomato 10 seeds

Tomato Rosella produces deep pink, cherry tomatos with a taste that reminds you of raspberries, blackberries and other summer fruits.



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