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If you are looking for a quality Digital Thermostat stats we have BioGreen's new Thermo 1 which is a bit more cost effective than there popular Thermo 2. Click here for more information. Also we have some Chinese manufactured low cost thermostats and thermometers in stock that are proving very popular with customers.



New Seeds Update

The seed sowing season will soon be in full swing, and we have many new and exciting seeds to tempt you with. To see all of the latest 2014 introductions please follow this link for flowers and new vegetables here. 

Don't miss out on our new "Mammoth" vegetable seed collections more information here


PawPaw trials

Most tropical plant enthusiasts want to be able to grow fruiting PawPaw plants but our winters are usually too cool, damp and dark for them to survive over winter so trying to raise a plant to fruiting size over 2 years is not practical.

However we have managed to source seed of a dwarf "Red Maradol" papaya that is capable of fruiting within 7 months from seed in ideal conditions and starts to set fruit at about 50cm. Our young plants sown in September are already over wintering on a heated bench under grow lights, ready for larger plants the following spring when the weather improves with warm sunny days in greenhouse. Grown on in a large pot we may be able to have fruit by the following autumn - at least that's the plan! Why not have a go yourself if you have the facilities?


Low Cost Warming Pads

If you do not possess a heated propagator we have some low cost warming pad solutions for raising seeds or to keep the roots warm of tender plant while we all are trying to save on heating costs in greenhouses and conservatories. Tender plants will tolerate lower temperatures with cosy feet!  More information here


For fun we have added a mixed packet of seeds that quickly grow into Mammoth plants. This includes Giant Amaranth in Purple and Gold to 8ft in the summer season, our giant sunflower Craven strain, the Giant Naranjilla with its huge leaves, Ensete ventricosum, giant Chenopodium and the huge Ricinus zanzibarensis that usually tops out the sunflowers in our garden. Available to order here

Seed Collection Gift Packs

Making ideal gifts for "green fingered" friends, we offer a number of world gift pack themes, a range of Easy Packets and some other mixed packets of Eucalyptus, Gingers and Rain Forest plants!

If you are interested in mixed packets of unusual vegetable we have also put together an interesting collection of coloured dwarf and climbing beans, including a coloured carrot mix, a coloured cauliflower mix and for tomatoes we offer a "flavour" mix and other hardy and beefsteak options. All available to order on this page.


Eden Project

A customer kindly updated me that you can explore the Eden Project with Street View. Follow the link below to take you to the page, wait for it to load and then go into street view and follow the arrows along the paths! Quite spectacular!

Click for the Eden Link here



We supply some attractive vouchers to any value in £5 increments for any keen gardening friend. A good idea if you are not entirely sure what in particular they would really want? Just give us a call on 01491 614 765