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We Still Have a Few Fresh Canna Rhizomes Available But Running Out Fast!


More plants available from us again next spring, Including Bougainvillea, Brugmansias, Bannnas and Conservatory plants. 

Why not try some giant Hibiscus from seed? The flowers can  reach 10" across!

Our collections of mixed Colour Vegetable seeds  include French beans, cauliflowers, carrots & tomatoes.

Have a look at our unique range of Exotic, unusual and traditional flower seeds. Heliconia, Musa, Gingers etc.

Our Baby Veg section includes many items suitable for pot growing on Patios or Roof Gardens. Also useful for anyone with limited space. Yacon Tubers. We do offer rhizomes in season of these unusual South American root crops. Vegetable Sowing Calendar A useful web page to help you plan your vegetable garden? Also our Flower Sowing Calendar can be found here

Gardening with tropicals in the UK is a lot about trial and error and a challenge to find out what grows best for you in your own garden. It looks as if we will all have to get used to the predicted extremes of weather as global warming takes hold with more stormy but warmer weather. Click on the pictures below for any special interests or for just general garden seeds or flower seeds please use the menu on the left. - More information on our latest NEWS PAGE Or follow us on Twitter & Facebook?

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We have always specialised in Brugmansia plant varieties with plants available each year from about May. Don't miss out on trying these fabulous tender shrubs.

New LED Growlights now available. Full spectrum bulb with booth red and blue light bulb frequencies plus cable assembly.

BioGreen Thermo 2  A quality 3Kw thermostat from BioGreen with remote sensor and easy 13amp socket plug in.

Cannas are one of our specialities, and easy enough from seed both the Tropicana series and Hybrid seed will flower the first year if sown in winter in heat under glass.

With the trend towards growing your own, try our Vegetable Seed Collection of hardy & exotic, tasty varieties. An excellent 220V/240V low cost dual purpose thermostat for control of a heating or cooling units to  a maximum of 1kw. Ideal for warming cables or heatmats. We would not be a tropical specialist without  banana seeds and we supply several varieties including Musa sikkimenis seed, Musa velutina seed, Musa Daj Giant seed and Musa zebrina seed. BioGreen Heatmats and soil warming cables for early seed raising.

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