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Latest rare seeds just in!



Alocasia Portei

Another new introduction this is a large Elephants Ear with leaves up to 1m long!

Ricinus Mixed Collection

We now offer a mixed collection of Ricinus seeds that includes, Blue giant, Carmencita Pink and Red, New Zealand Purple and Zanzibarensis.

Musa arunachalensis

A rare Himalayan dwarf Banana with striped leaves and red flowers.

Hibiscus Sinensis Hybrids

At last I have another source for seed of these fabulous tropical flowers. For a warm greenhouse or conservatory they have to be worth a try!


Hedychium "Assam Orange"

We have harvested some lovely fresh seed now available. A very useful fully hardy ornamental ginger!

Nepenthes madagascariensis

A new introduction this is a large pitcher plant from Madagascar.


Capsicum annum Trinidad Scorpion

An extremely hot chili with an SHU above 1 million!

Hedychium Wardii

An unusual flowering ginger with seed from our own plants.