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Latest rare seeds just in!



Alocasia Portei

Another new introduction this is a large Elephants Ear with leaves up to 1m long! (Now available as plants only)

Ricinus Mixed Collection

We now offer a mixed collection of Ricinus seeds that includes, Blue giant, Carmencita Pink and Red, New Zealand Purple and Zanzibarensis.

Musa arunachalensis

A rare Himalayan dwarf Banana with striped leaves and red flowers.

Hedychium Seeds

We are harvesting some fresh gingers seeds again this year with some H. Surong and H. Stephen now available.


Hedychium "Assam Orange"

Fresh seed available soon. A very useful fully hardy ornamental ginger!

Nepenthes madagascariensis

A new introduction this is a large pitcher plant from Madagascar.


Capsicum annum Trinidad Scorpion

An extremely hot chili with an SHU above 1 million!

Sweetcorn Double Red

A new exciting Sweetcorn with brilliantly coloured kernels in shades of red/white and purple. The bonus is that the stalks and husks are also red!