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 Amaranthus Hot Biscuits

An exciting new variety of Amaranthus with imposing spikes of warm, orange to 5ft. An excellent cut flower, easy and quick to grow. 


Ricinus Mixed Collection

We now offer a mixed collection of Ricinus seeds that includes, Carmencita Pink and Red, New Zealand Purple, Blue Giant  and Zanzibarensis.

Sweetcorn Double Red

A new exciting Sweetcorn with brilliantly coloured kernels in shades of red/white and purple. The bonus is that the stalks,  husks and flowers  are also red!




Echium russicum

A fully hardy perennial plant with short stout stems carry whorls of long lance-shaped dark green leaves, and a long succession of foot-long spikes of stunning, crimson russet flowers with prominent protruding red anthers.


New Flower Seeds for this Year!

We are always adding new seeds click here to see the latest  flower additions!

New Vegetable Seeds for this Year!

We are always adding new seeds click here to see the latest vegetable additions!



Tropical Plants

We specialise in unusual Plants with new items added each year.. Including some Babaco  availability this year.  Please be aware that most are not ready to ship until May through to September

Colocasia Thailand Giant 

An unusual Colocasia that in its native habitat will produce leaves up to 10ft long! We have a number of plants available this year and it is proving hardier than all my other Aroids to overwinter without dying back if kept at 12C minimum.