Plant Sales - UK ONLY.


We will continue to have a few plants for sales again in 2021 for interested customers. Ordering ability will be available soon. The following is what we hope to have available in limited quantities with more to add as soon as propagated,

Plants will be available when ready from our own propagation during June to August. We do not grow huge volumes of plants and we will run out of availability quickly. Although we often take orders earlier in the year the plants will NOT BE READY UNTIL LATE SPRING?SUMMER

All plants are shipped by courier services and because this is seasonal we CANNOT ACCEPT PLANT ORDERS MIXED with SEEDS or PRODUCTS.  Please place any Plants as a separate order of Plants only. Any mixed orders with other products will not be accepted. Plant orders are only accepted for UK delivery addresses and surcharge areas may require additional shipping charges.


Allamanda cathartica


Allamanda cathartica or Golden Trumpet Vine 1 litre plants

Allamanda cathartica is a classic climber from tropical regions not at all cold hardy and you will need a very warm heated environment to keep this wonderful climber. We also have a purple flowered form and an apricot/purple flower but they are reluctant to propagate easily.

Brugmansia Apricot Queen


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Apricot Trumpet 1 litre plants

We have a few plants available of Brugmansia Apricot Queen, a lovely Versicolor hybrid with long vertically hanging 18" apricot flowers. A fabulous plant with a delicate habit but massive flowers, we found that it responds well to heavy feeding.

Brugmansia Dalen's Glorie


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - White Single Angels Trumpet 1 litre plants

Brugmansia Dalen's Glorie is a spectacular Brugmansia and a highly scented Aurea hybrid, with strong growth and large leaves supporting huge 18" long scented white flowers. Stunning in full flower.

Brugmansia Flowerdream


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Double White Angels Trumpet 1 litre plants

Another lovely pure white hybrid Brugmansia with full double flowers that stand up to damp weather slightly better than Knightii. Brugmansia Flowerdream is very popular every year and we usually sell out of this excellent, hybrid by mid season.

Brugmansia Grand Marnier


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Brugmansia Grand Marnier 1 litre plants

Brugmansia Grand Marnier is a very old 1900s cultivar Brugmansia, with pale peach, pendant flowers. Makes a large strong plant with masses of blooms and good repeat flowering - quite stunning and a variety always in demand. One of the best Brugmansias for a continuous multi flowering habit to enjoy their evening fragrance!

Brugmansia Kaz Variegated


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia Kaz Variegated  1 litre plants

A good friend discovered that her Brugmansia Maya (Believed to be a sport of Grande Marnier) had lost its white variegation and become two tone green instead, Flowers are classic Maya/Grande marnier and extremely prolific and astonishingly fast growing. The picture is our stock plant flowering in late March under glass well before any of the other varieties. We have called it Kaz.

Brugmansia Maya Variegated


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia Maya Variegated  1 litre plants

A Grand Marnier Brugmansia flower with pale peach flowers on strong plants with attractive variegated foliage. Brugmansia Maya is an unusual and a ‘must have’ if you are into variegated plants!

Brugmansia Miner's Claim


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Pink Variegated Trumpet  1 litre plants

A lovely strong variegated Brugmansia that originated as a seedling from Brugmansia Frosty Pink. We had Brugmansia Miner's Claim many years ago but lost it in the confusion between non flowering plants of Maya. The strong growth and bright pink flowers makes this a real winner in our eyes.

Brugmansia Pink Lady


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Pink Angels Trumpet 1 litre plants

A lovely Aurea pink hybrid Brugmansia with huge flaring pink flowers that hang vertically. With its parent attributes Brugmansia Pink Lady is a strong plant making 6 or 8ft growth in a season if well fed, warm and plenty of water.

Brugmansia Sanguinea


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Red Angel's Trumpet  1 litre plants

A stunning small 4ft to 12ft shrubby species Brugmansia from Peru and the Andes with 7" soft leaves and up to 1ft long NON scented flowers that are shaded from yellow to bright orange at the mouth. It likes cool conditions and therefore ideally suited to planting outdoors during our relatively cool summers or flowering under glass autumn through to spring. Brugmansia Sanguinea  will not flower if the temperature consistently goes above 21C.

Brugmansia Shredded Fantasy


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Ragged White Angels Trumpet 1 litre plants

Brugmansia Shredded Fantasy  is a Candida hybrid with ragged creamy white double flowers similar to Culebra that we used to sell.  This one though is a really strong growing plant with 12" flowers and large soft leaves.

Brugmansia Suaveolens White


Availability - around late June for delivery

White Suaveolens Hybrid of Angels Trumpet 1 litre plants

A recent introduction for JungleSeeds with strong light green foliage and large open creamy white scented flowers typical of the variety and born in profusion. Slightly later in flowering than some varieties although my stock plants are in bud late March under heated glass.

Brugmansia Summerset


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Yellow Angels Trumpet 1 litre plants

A more bushy Brugmansia than many with a short growing, quite floriferous habit to 3ft. The bright lemon yellow flowers are held at 45° showing off the flared throat. This is the best yellow Brugmansia that we offer.

Brugmansia Super Spot


Availability - around late June for delivery

Super Spot 1 litre plants.

We have a new Brugmansia called "Super Spot" that has really rich pinky red single flowers. Some people think its nearly tomato red but to us its a very deep rich pink and a superior flower to Dark Rosetta that we used to offer. A very strong growing plant with large leaves and we have a few 1 litre plants for sale but more next year.

Brugmansia Thea's Liebling


Availability - around late June for delivery

Thea's Liebling 1 litre plants

Thea's Liebling is a double/triple flowered Brugmansia in a stunning deep coral to rose. It produces masses of blooms in early summer and again in the autumn like many Brugmansias. Strong growing producing robust plants to support the huge flowers.

Brugmansia Velvet Lady


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia - Double White Angels Trumpet 1 litre plants

Brugmansia Velvet Lady is a Candida hybrid with creamy white double flowers very similar to Knightii. A strong growing plant with 12"  flowers and large soft leaves.

Brugmansia volcanicola 'Magic' Pink

Rare Species Brugmansia Pink 1 litre plants
Brugmansia volcanicola is a rare mountain NON scented species from South America closely related to Sanguinea. They prefer cooler moist conditions but unlike Sanguinea do flower on and off for most of the year. They tend to have more of a lax habit than hybrid Brugmansias needing some support.  Flowers are smaller to about 15cm to 20cm but they are excellent for a manageable pot plant in a cool conservatory or planted out.

Brugmansia Wielher Gold


Availability - around late June for delivery

Brugmansia Wielher Gold 1 litre plants

A robust double flowered German hybrid Brugmansia producing masses of golden flowers with a deeper red/gold centre. Quite free flowering for a double variety and one of the tallest growing Brugmansias that we offer.

Caladium White Christmas

Angels Wings 1 litre plant
This spectacular Caladium has a tall upright habit with striking paper white, green veined leaves on strong stems - some sun tolerance but best in semi shade to avoid burning. Caladiums need warm humid conditions to do well so if you can simulate a Florida climate they respond spectacularly. Rhizomes die back in winter but can be kept semi dry in warmth. I grow mine on a warm polytunel then bring then in as a house plant for a few weeks.

Carica Papaya Red Lady F1

Paw Paw Dwarf Red Lady F1 1 litre plants
Papaya Red Lady is a self pollinating dwarf hybrid with huge crops and one of the most successful commercial varieties. It bears 1kg fruit when only 80cm tall with red, very sweet flesh.  Note: These plants will need to be kept between 15C and 30C to grow properly and the flowers will not set or will fall off outside of this temperature range. This variety started fruiting earlier than all of the others that we trialed.

Cestrum nocturnum


Cestrum nocturnum or Lady of the Night 1 litre plants

Cestrum nocturnum has one of the strongest fragrances around in the evening, when the scent becomes almost intoxicating. The masses of small, creamy blooms open up at night releasing their perfume, but some scent still lingers during the day from the semi closed flowers. They bloom on and off during the warmer months of the year and grow quickly so regular pruning will be needed to keep it contained. An extremely popular plant always in high demand.

Clerodendrum thomsoniae


Availability - around July for delivery

Clerodendrum thomsoniae or Bleeding Heart Vine 1 litre plants

Clerodendrum thomsoniae is an unusual conservatory shrubby climber that you do not see very often. If pruned correctly it will erupt into sprays of pure white flowers, with scarlet crimson centres that last for weeks and weeks.

Ensete maurelii


Ensete maurelii the Red Abysinian Banana 1 litre plants


We offer and always have offered a micro propagated selected clone of Ensete maurelii with huge wide leaves. Our form of this superb plant has to be the king of all banana's. The one shown in the picture was grown in our front garden and stood at about 9ft tall in late July in it's second season after over wintering in a Polytunnel! Easily reaching 6ft in the first year from small plants and 7ft to 8ft from our larger plants and possibly large given warm conditions and a rich soil with plenty of water and no wind. The fabulous red, stained foliage is enhanced in our cool climate, turning almost completely green in tropical high temperatures. Easy and fast growing, although not hardy, it enjoys our cool summers - Will require over wintering in a greenhouse or conservatory.

Hibiscus schizopetalus


Hibiscus schizopetalus or Fringed Hibiscus 1 litre plants

One look at the Hibiscus schizopetalus the fringed hibiscus, and it’s easy to see why the shrub is so popular across the world. It’s unique weeping flowers set it apart from other hibiscus varieties. The gorgeous pink and red pendent flowers make it very popular as a pot plant. Growing naturally to more than eight feet tall, the plant can be pruned and trained but it needs a very warm environment to survive our winters.

Hibiscus sinensis "Cuban Variety"


Hibiscus sinensis or Chinese Hibiscus 1 litre plants

A smaller flowering variety with single apricot flowers with a crimson centre. It also has smaller leaves but branches well with flushes of many flowers. Like all of the sinensis varieties they can pruned when too large and new growth is quick to appear. Used has hedging in the tropics.

Pachystachys lutea


Availability - around July for delivery

Lollipop Plant 1 litre plants

This evergreen shrub grows in a clumping manner with multiple erect/upright stems emerging from the base. At the tip of each stem, colourful spikes of yellow bracts are borne, within which white flowers are held. Once the flowers mature they begin to protrude from the spike of bracts creating a lovely bright yellow and white display. This plant looks spectacular when in flower and makes a stunning pot plant. A rare plant and not readily available in the UK from anyone else!

Ricinus Blue Giant



Ricinus Blue Giant 1 litre pots

Ricinus Blue Giant. We acquired some Hybrid Ricinus seed a while back and these turned out to be a huge form of the Blue Ricinus easily growing to a similar size to Zanzibarensis. We will select the best coloured plants for sale as some seedlings are green. Please don't forget that all parts of Ricinus plants including the seeds are poisonous if eaten.

Solandra maxima


Solandra maxima or Chalice Vine 1 litre plants

A few years ago we acquired this modern hybrid of Solandra maxima that flowers readily on smaller plants. However it is a fast growing very large tropical climber, only really suitable for large conservatories to be seen at its best. The viine bears massive yellow flowers the size of dinner plates and an excellent specimen can be seen at Wisley in their tropical House. The large yellow cup shaped flower gives the plant its common name.