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Exotic Annuals for Quick Results

Traditional and unusual varieties to bring an exotic dimension to your summer planting. Our selection of annuals including cottage garden and tropical species that can be grown from seed for spectacular summer displays. Most of the ones included here are annuals but some are perennials  best grown as annuals in our climate. .    

Helianthus Craven Strain

Super Giant Sunflower 10 seeds
Helianthus Craven Strain, a huge, heavy 4" diameter stemmed sunflower with large very heavy flower heads 18” across and big leaves, capable of achieving 20ft or more with a rich soil and an early sowing. The original seed source came from a 25ft record height sunflower.  They need an early start and a long growing season to develop their full potential and some support will be needed in early autumn as windy conditions set in.

Helianthus Grey Stripe

Giant Sunflower 10 seeds
Helianthus Grey Stripe sunflower grown for shear size maybe to 16ft with massive 18” wide flower heads. The challenge with this one is keeping it upright with the weight of the large heads! Heavy 3" diamaeter  stems and large leaves.

Helianthus Harlequin


Cutting Sunflower 10 seeds

Sunfower Harlequin Mixed is a very striking, branching variety with large, bicoloured flowers in rich shades of yellow, orange, brown and rose-pink, the latter being very unusual colour in sunflowers.  A pollen free variety suitable for cutting growing to 4ft with 6" heads.Like most Sunflowers the seeds are edible. Try toasting the seed kernels for a quick snack.

Helianthus Italian White

White Sunflower Aprx 25 seeds
A lovely creamy white sunflower Helianthus Italian White has dark centres ideal for cutting.  Medium 4” blooms on 6ft tall plants with a good branching habit. A delicate sunflower that contrasts well with other varieties in a mixed border.

Helianthus Kong

New Giant Sunflower 20 Seeds
A true monster Helianthus Kong reaches heights of over 14ft with a branching habit giving a longer flowering period. The bright yellow flower heads are up to 20cm across. One of the most unique giant varieties on the market and the first heavily branched, multi-headed plant.

Helianthus Mongolian Giant

Super Giant Sunflower 10 seeds
Mongolian giant reaches up to 14ft tall with one of the largest flowering sunflower seed heads available. These can achieve up to 18in across. From my experience the plants will need support though in windy conditions because of the very heavy heads. I also learnt to harvest them early if you want the seeds as they are a favourite of many birds!!

Helianthus Moulin Rouge

Giant Red Sunflower 10 seeds
Helianthus Moulin Rouge is a fabulous sunflower and one of the best red type we have grown. Some flowers are almost crimson as in the photo above but others are almost black or black/brown. The centres are all also nearly black creating a fabulous display. A tall plant to 8ft all with multi branching habit on strong stems.

Helianthus Red Sun


Red Sunflower 20 seeds

Helianthus Red Sun is an easy to grow Sunflower, with its dark red to maroon flowers with dark centres.This variety is brilliant for back of borders and also makes a beautiful cut flower. It will reach an approximate height of 5ft with 4" to 5" flowers.

Helianthus Russian Mammoth

Giant Sunflower 10 seeds
Helianthus Russian Mammoth is not from Russia but one that the Russians preferred for eating purposes. It bears huge single 22” flower head on strong plants to 10ft. It will probably need staking to support the heavy heads.

Helianthus Soraya


Cutting Sunflower 20 seeds

A cut flower type with branching stems and  10 to 15cm rich orange flowers all with a dark centre. Soraya has strong sturdy stems with multi flowering over an extended period and ideal for cutting. This was the first sunflower to be named an All America Winner

Heliotrope Marine

Heliotrope Aprx 200 seeds
Heliotrope Marine bears beautifull scented clusters of violet blue flowers, which can grow to 6” wide. Good for summer bedding, pots and tubs. Also for indoor pot plants. A half hardy annual, flowering the same year from seed. Prefers a sunny position. Grows to a height of 18”.

Hesperis matronalis Mixed

Sweet Rocket Aprx 250 Seeds
Hesperis matronalis Mixed or Sweet Rocket is one of the traditional 'Cottage Garden' plants with a sweet heady perfume which is particularly strong in the evening..  A short lived perennial, it is best grown as a biennial when it will remain in flower from June to September. It will self seed so you need to remove the dead flower heads if you want to prevent it spreading. 2-3 ft. Principally grown for the sweet scent a few plants scattered among your tropical planting will really add to the evening ambience.

Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus cannabinus - Indian Hemp 15 seeds
Hibiscus cannabinus is an unusual member of the hibiscus family grown for cash crop paper making. They germinate in 24 hours in heat and can reach 18ft tall in 9 months of growth, but more likely 6ft to 8ft in a UK Summer. Useful for a fast growing foliage plant in a tropical border with pale lemon yellow flowers. We have a new strain now with palmate leaves and larger 4” flowers.

Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love'


Annual Hibiscus Aprx 50 seeds

A lovely cultivated variety that flowers for most of the summer An easy-to-grow bedding plant 50cm to 80cm, it forms bushy plants bearing lovely chocolate-centred, silvery-yellow, Hibiscus type 2" flowers. Typical of the species that is closely related to Okra the flowers are followed by attractive seed pods.

Iresine herbstii

Blood Leaf 10 seeds
Iresine herbstii is cultivated for its striking, colourful foliage Irestine is a short-lived perennial best grown as an annual. Contrasting dark veins on rich crimson waxy leaves. Grow as an edging plant in a bed, in a window box or in a patio container.

Larkspur 'Sublime Mixed'


Larkspur Aprx 250 seeds 

A cottage garden favourite Larkspur Sublime is an ideal flower for garden display and for drying. An excellent strain of solid stems and fully double flowers to 120cm. Considered to be the best variety for use as a dried flower.

Leonotis nepetifolia

Annual lion’s ear 15 seeds
Leonotis nepetifolia or annual lion’s ear from South Africa is an erect, loosely branched annual that can get 8ft (2.4 m) tall in its single growing season. In our 2005 trials from a March sowing, they attained large multi branched 7ft plants. The flowers are borne in rounded, spiny clusters, (5cm -10cm) across, that encircle the stems so that it looks like the stems are growing right through the middle of the clusters. As the stems elongate, new flower clusters continue to develop above the older ones. The tubular flowers which peek out of the spiny heads are orange and furry, like a lion’s ear, so rumoured. The flowers are about 1” (2.5 cm) long and curve downward. It has a bad name as a self sowing weed in warmer climates, so be aware of the problem if you reside outside of the UK.

Lobelia String of Pearls Mixed

Bedding Lobelia Aprx 1000+ seeds per packet
Try the well established String of Pearls variety in mixed colours that I have been growing for about 30 years!

Lunaria annua Chedglow


Purple Honesty 20 seeds җ җ җ

Lunaria Chedglow is a hardy biennial flowering from April to early May with dark purple leaves, stems seedpods and purple flowers growing to 3ft. Like normal Honesty the decorative seed heads persist with translucent discs that can be used in dried flower arrangements. Best to remove any seedlings with green stems.

Maize quadricolour

Ornamental Maize 10 seeds
Maize Quadricolour is a great novelty, an architectural, non edible form of sweet corn, with pink and white striped leaves! Grow this plant in the same way as corn on the cob raising it from seed in April and planting out after the last frosts. I find the plant variable even after years of seed selection and I would advise selecting the best leaf forms before planting out.

Marigold Hero- French Bedding

French Marigold Hybrids Aprx 100 seeds
Marigold Hero- French Bedding - a dwarf double type to only 10” tall with large 2” to 3” blooms with a compact, early flowering and uniform habit. Gives a spectacular show. Available in a mixture of scarlet, yellow, gold and maroon with bi-colour markings.

Marigold Marvel - African


African Marigold Marvel Hybrids Aprx 50 seeds

I just love these plants for summer bedding and especially mixed with tropical plants like Canna and Banana plants. The Marigold Marvel range that we have selected to complement your tropical bedding, have the largest most fully double flowers on the market today. In Gold, Orange and Yellow they are botrytis resistant with up to 5" blooms on high performance compact plants 12" to 18" tall. What more do you need? However if vivid Orange and Yellow is not your thing,  try our Sweet Cream selection for pure white blooms.

Mesembryanthemum Magic Carpet Mixed

Livingstone Daisy Aprx 500 seeds
Mesembryanthemum means “midday flowering". It is a ground hugging, sun loving, spreading plant which can also be used between flagstones and in dry walls. Perfect for dry sunny locations where they will produce flowers in abundance from July to September. We offer a cultivated strain of this splendid annual plant with excellent spreading habit, and flowers in a wide range of brilliant pastel shades of gold, salmon, pink, purple and carmine red.

Mirabilis jalapa

Four o'clock Plant or Marvel of Peru 20 seeds
Mirabilis jalapa is a colourful quick growing plant from Peru with small trumpet-shaped, sweetly scented flowers in solid colours of red, pink, yellow, stripes and mottled, that open in the late afternoon with a lovely evening fragrance. Although a perennial it is best grown from seed each year and either planted out in June in a moist sheltered border or grown in pots for patio use. It forms large underground tubers that can be stored over winter like Dahlias for much larger plants the following year.

Mirabilis jalapa Marbles Mixed

Striped Four o'clock Plant or Marvel of Peru 20 seeds
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles is a colourful quick growing plant from Peru with small trumpet-shaped, sweetly scented flowers. This one comes striped and splashed in bright cheery colours of yellow, red pink and white. A cottage garden favourite it is exceptionally easy to grow. Trumpet-shaped blooms are true to their name of Four-O-Clocks and open in late afternoon to release a soft, pleasing fragrance.

Moluccella Laevis


Bells of Ireland Aprx 150 seeds

A Half Hardy annual with graceful 2ft tall stems clothed with pale green calyces surrounding the small, fragrant white flowers. Excellent for both fresh and dry flower arrangements.

Nasturtium Alaska

Variegated Nasturtium 20 seeds
Nasturtium Alaska has unusual cream and green foliage setting off the bright colours of this popular Nasturtium. The 2 1/2" blooms come in a colour range of cherry, crimson, orange, salmon and yellow are produced on dwarf 10" plants. Ideal for bedding, baskets or tubs.

Nasturtium Blue Pepe

Edible nasturtium 20 seeds
Nasturtium Blue Pepe is a unique variety that has been bred for culinary use, the edible small round leaves are uniquely coloured steel blue on top with purplish undersides with a peppery flavour. These are offset by the vivid dark red flowers that can also be used in salads, but the plant also makes a stunning decorative annual. Can be used as a baby leaf salad grown in seed trays in a glass house.

Nasturtium Phoenix Mixed


Flame Nasturtium 10 seeds

An exciting new break through in Nasturtiums, the flame like petals on Phoenix are quite unique. With a rich range of colours in yellow orange and red this easy to grow plant is much more compact than other nasturtiums so it can be grown in containers and flower beds without taking over its neighbours.

Nicandra physalodes

Shoo Fly Plant 20 seeds
Nicandra physalodes - a fast-growing bushy plant reaching a height of 3ft to 4ft. It has large lobed leaves, and large pretty blue flowers, followed by papery seed pods containing a large berry which look similar to the Chinese lanterns. The common name refers to the fact that it is regarded as a deterrent to whitefly if mixed among other plants in a greenhouse or outdoor crops. Best grown as an annual

Nicandra physalodes Maxima


Shoo Fly Plant 20 seeds

From Colombia Nicandra physalodes maxima is a fast-growing bushy plant reaching a height of 3ft to 4ft. It has larger lobed leaves than physalodes with larger blue flowers and fruits. Has to be worth a try! The common name refers to the fact that it is regarded as a deterrent to whitefly if mixed among other plants in a greenhouse or outdoor crops. Best grown as an annual

Nicotiana F1 Whisper Mixed


Pink flowering Tobacco Pkt

A beautiful architectural plant with good disease tolerance. Produces masses of flowers on tall 3ft to 4ft elegant plants. The delightfully evening fragrant flowers fade from red to pink then white giving an effect of multiple colours. Excellent for planting in drifts and will flower all summer long.

Nicotiana Perfumed Series Mixed

Flowering Tobacco Aprx 50 seeds
Nicotiana Perfumed Series Mixed has a fabulous fragrance plus large free flowering summer-long blooms, a flowering tobacco that has it all, 6 bright colours including purple on neat little plants just 20” tall and 12” wide! A new hybrid selected for both colour and fragrance.

Nicotiana sylvestris Only The Lonely

Tobacco - "Only the Lonely" Pkt
Nicotiana sylvestris Only The Lonely is a very desirable cultivated form of Nicotiana with big beautiful fresh green leaves and producing many candelabra-like sprays of fragrant tubular flowers. It is not so tall as the pink at 5ft but with huge clusters of 3” long tubular flowers and a lovely companion to the pink. Tall and elegant, this plant makes a great backdrop and with a heavy evening scent its flowers light the way through a moonlit garden.

Nicotiana tabacum variegatum

Variegated Pink flowering Tobacco Pkt
Nicotiana tabacum variegatum is a rare variegated form to 5ft with big beautiful fresh green leaves splashed with white and cream, producing sprays of pink flowers. Seed is variable so pick out the seedlings with the best variegation to grow on.

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels


"Love in a mist"  Aprx 100 seeds җ

This pretty half hardy annual mix contains semi-double flowers in various shades of blue, mauve, purple, rose-pink and white. The delicate ferny foliage adds to the attraction bearing cornflower like blooms, followed by ornamental seed pods. 50cm.

Orlaya grandiflora


Lace Flower Aprx 30 seeds җ җ җ

Orlaya grandiflora 'White Finch' is a very useful cut flower for bouquets or a vase. It makes an easy to grow, border plant with decorative snow-white lacy blooms which resemble lace-cap hydrangeas These appear throughout the summer above the fine, fern-like foliage. This gorgeous hardy annual has an extremely long flowering period and will often flower until the first frosts. Grows to about 70cm.

Pennisetum glaucum Jester

'Jester' Ornamental Millet 10 seeds
Pennisetum glaucum Jester has young leaves that are green but as the leaves mature they become more burgundy red in colour. Developing plants to 1 metre tall show a definite multi-colour appearance as leaves mature. Produces flower spikes at the end of the season if sown early.

Pennisetum glaucum Purple Baron

'Purple Baron' Ornamental Millet 10 seeds
Pennisetum glaucum Purple Baron or ornamental millet boasts purple foliage that is slightly darker than that of 'Purple Majesty'. The plant's large, thick flower spikes and solid basal branching give the plant a strong, sturdy appearance and add a balanced look to mixed containers. As with 'Purple Majesty,' young 'Purple Baron' plants are green. The stem and mid-rib of the foliage turns purple after about eight leaves have developed, and the foliage will turn dark purple when the plants are moved from the greenhouse outside to full sun. 'Purple Baron' performs well in borders, mass plantings, and mixed containers, and makes a great addition for spring to autumn displays.

Pennisetum glaucum Purple Majesty

Ornamental Millet Purple Majesty 10 seeds
Pennisetum glaucum Purple Majesty is a recent all American selections gold medal award winner- 'Purple Majesty' Ornamental Millet is a superb annual for a hot sunny position. "Tall, dark and handsome" describes this purple-leaved millet. Young plants are green-leaved, but as they mature exposure to direct sunlight stimulates development of purple leaf color. Mature leaves are long and slender, with a red midrib. Capable of growing 3 to 5 feet tall, the plants are embellished with 8- to 12-inch flower spikes. The immature spikes can be cut and used in floral arrangements, or left on the plant to attract birds that feed on the seeds. 'Purple Majesty' is very easy to grow and is very tolerant of heat and low moisture but you should choose a well-drained, sunny site. The plant is tropical in origin and likes warmth. The sunny location is important because sunlight strengthens the purple colour, which appears after a three-week juvenile phase. Although it can tolerate drought and poor soils, Purple Majesty responds strongly to early fertilizer applications and light watering.  Picture shows Purple Majesty planted with Arundo donax variegata.

Pennisetum villosum

Feather Top Grass (Annual) 30 seeds
Pennisetum villosum is actually a tufted perennial but usually grown as an annual grass with linear leaves and feathery, whitish-green panicles turning purple with age. To 70cm tall

Pentapetes phoenicea

Old World Tropic "Noon Flower" 10 seeds
Pentapetes phoenicea - a rare old-world tropics annual that used to be a weed of rice paddy fields. Long blooming, the bright scarlet mallow flowers are held close to the stem, opening at noon, closing by dawn and appear all Summer long. Makes a tall 4ft multi branching shrub with a strong, upright central stem, it bears interesting & attractive long narrow foliage. Do not plant out until warmer weather as it is not only frost sensitive but chill sensitive.

Petunia Bedding F1 Daddy Mixed

Bedding series Aprx 100 seeds
Petunia Bedding F1 Daddy Mixed is probably the best veined series grandiflora type with large 10cm blooms in pink, mauves and blues. Well branched habit and free flowering. One of the all time best selling seed raised petunias for a great bedding display.

Petunia Lambada All Star Mixed

Bedding series Aprx 50 seeds
Petunia Lambada replaces the Ultra Crimson Star mixed that is no longer available. The Lambada star range is still one of the best available, early blooming, very tolerant of stress, weather resistant and dependable. Blooms measure 3” to 4” wide, with large white stripes intersecting the main colour at even intervals.  The compact, well-branched plants are 12” to 14” high in oink, red and blue.

Plectranthus argenteus 'Silver Shield'

Silver Shield 10 seeds
Plectranthus argenteus 'Silver Shield' is a superb silver foliage plant for large borders or patio tubs. An easy to grow plant that will make 2ft tall by 2ft wide in a season with large silver grey, furry leaves. Excellent for contrast planting e.g. Hibiscus acetosella.

Poppy Dwarf Danebrog

Poppy "Dwarf Danebrog" Pkt
Poppy Dwarf Danebrog is not really an exotic plant but the colour is stunning when mixed within an exotic border. Huge scarlet poppy flowers with a pure white central cross! We supply a dwarf version of this excellent variety which we believe is more manageable.

Poppy rhoeas Pandora


Poppy Pandora Aprx 500 seeds 

The flowers of this extraordinary field poppy vary in colour from deep burgundy to rose red - and many of the petals are shot through with silvery white. An easy to grow and free-flowering annual, it's a treat for the front of a sunny border, cut flower or wildlife garden.

Portulaca Extra Double Mix

Moss Rose Pkt of Aprx 1000 sds 
Portulaca Extra Double Mix is an excellent mixture of many bright colours in double form. Useful for bedding, rockeries and in crazy paving where seeds can be directly sown where they are required. Portulaca, or moss rose, is a popular drought-tolerant annual. Plants are low-growing spreaders with thick succulent stems and vibrant, cup-shaped flowers. They love it hot and dry and you can even plant them in poor, sandy, soil. They also adapt to average garden conditions. Just give them full sun and any well-drained soil.

Ptilotus exaltatus Joey

Pink Mulla Mulla 10 seeds
Ptilotus exaltatus Joey was was recently introduced into the UK,  (pronounced tilotus) and truly a breeding breakthrough. A native to central Australia, Pink Mulla Mulla offers exceptional beauty with heat and drought tolerance. Large, conical spikes of feathery flowers top thick silver green foliage. The 3- to 4-inch bottlebrush flower spikes are glistening silver with a darker neon pink colour near the tips. Excellent for container work or in annual flower beds, ‘Joey’ is a natural in any sunny garden location.  12" to 15" tall with easy germination.



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