Lepidium meyenii

Maca or Peruvian Ginseng 20 seeds җ җ җ
Lepidium meyenii is an herbaceous annual native to the high Andes of Bolivia and Peru. It is grown for its fleshy tap root which is used as a root vegetable and a medicinal herb. It is related to mustard, radish and turnip and fully hardy and often grown as a winter crop in mild areas. For centuries, ancient Peruvians have used Lepidium meyenii due to its great health benefits as it stimulates the glands in charge of regulating hormones, optimizing body functioning for long-term energy and well being.

Mooli F1 April Cross

Japanese Radish Aprx 50 seeds  җ
Large, well-formed long white rooted summer variety with a very high quality and good flavour with a crisp texture, Spring sowing of Mooli April Cross produces a crop from August-November. It will also keep for many weeks if lifted and stored in sand.

Pachyrrhizus erosus

Jicama or Yam bean  10 seeds
Pachyrrhizus erosus is a very unusual root vegetable originating in North America, but Jicama is probably most popular in China. Crunchy and mild, it is a perfect substitute for water chestnuts or bamboo shoots in salads or stir-fries. A relative of the sweet potato, this tuber is not very uniform, but it does make a crisp and delicious low calorie peel-and-eat snack. Jicama thrives in hot climates where it enjoys a long, hot growing season so best tried out in a hot greenhouse in the UK.  (Ripe seed pods and leaves are poisonous.)

Parsley Hamburg

Turnip Rooted Parsley Aprx 500 Seeds җ җ җ
Parsley Hamburg is a hardy parsnip-flavoured root vegetable With edible parsley-flavoured leaves, deserves to be better known. The roots are not as large as parsnips and also require a long growing season to fully form. Sow in drills 1cm deep and 25cm apart with 3 to 4 seeds per cluster 20cm apart from early to late spring if you want your crop to mature by late summer. Germination is slow like Parsnips but when the seedlings have developed, thin to one single, strong plant at each cluster. Can be harvested any time between late summer and mid-spring the following year. The roots can be left in the ground all winter and dug up as and when you need them. Use the tops for garnish like ordinary parsley.

Parsnip Gladiator

Parsnip Aprx 200 seeds җ җ җ
Parsnip Gladiator is one of the best varieties, extremely high yield of large quality roots with very good canker resistance. The roots have a shallow crown that reduces wastage maximising your crop.

Parsnip Javelin


Parsnip  Aprx 200 pelleted seeds җ җ җ

Parsnip Javelin - a very high quality parsnip, with white smooth tapering roots of excellent uniformity. Try sowing 3'' apart for mini parsnips with an excellent flavour.

Radish Albena White


Pure White Round Radish Aprx 500 seeds 

Radish Albena White, a spectacular pure white radish, which produces delicious, medium sized round roots and is ideal for growing indoors or out. This early variety matures in approximately 35 – 56 days and is slow to bolt.

Radish Bluemoon

Blue Conical Radish Aprx 200 seeds 

Bluemoon is an Asian bred Radish with attractive blue skin and blue flesh. This very colourful radish has an appealing conical shape, with a mild and refreshing flavour and makes an excellent companion for Redmoon. Good in stir fries with a crisp texture, and looks quite stunning when sliced into salads. The conical roots mature in about 60 days.

Radish Cherry Belle


Bright Red Round Radish Aprx 500 seeds 

A fine scarlet globe radish thats quick growing and remains crisp over a long period. RHS AGM

Radish Daikon Mino Early

Japanese White Radish  Aprx 100 seeds җ җ
Radish Daikon Mino Early is a long-time favourite of Japanese Daikon radish. This variety is widely planted in Japan from late summer through to autumn. Plants mature 40 days after sowing. The root is 18” to 24” long, pure white and slightly tapered. White flesh is very crispy and tender with mild pungency. Not suitable for spring or summer sowing.

Radish F1 Mino Summer Cross


Japanese White Radish  Aprx 100 seeds җ җ

Radish Mino Summer Cross  is a new variety of Japanese Daikon radish suitable for spring and summer sowing. Plants mature 40 days after sowing. The root is 18” to 24” long, pure white and slightly tapered. White flesh is very crispy and tender with mild pungency.

Radish German Giant


Giant German Radish Aprx 50 seeds

Originally collected in Germany this radish retains its high quality from the size of a marble to the size of a snooker ball. It does not get woody or spongy, and rarely splits, handling drought-like conditions well. With scarlet skin and a white flesh it is crispy and mild at any size. Thin plants out to get the larger sizes!

Radish Nero Tondo


Black Spanish Radish  Aprx 100 seeds җ

This very unusual heirloom radish traces its history back to  the 16th Century, unlike other varieties, which are typically a shade of red or white, the Black Spanish Round Radish Nero Tondo features stunning black roots with a crispy milky white interior. The roots are a globe shaped, reach 3" to 4" across and feature a crispy white flesh with a pungent, peppery taste, that becomes milder when larger. An excellent winter keeper and may be left in the ground and covered with hay or straw mulch for protection from freezing if sown in the autumn. Can also be sown in spring for a summer crop. Another unusual vegetable seen on one of Jamie Olivers cooking programs recently.

Radish French breakfast


Radish  Aprx 500 seeds

Radish French breakfast is a fast growing oval shaped radish with a white tip. Vigorous and quick to produce a crop

Radish Pink Beauty

Pink Round Radish Aprx 500 seeds 
Radish Pink Beauty - a tasty round bright pink radish with a sweet crisp flesh and Slow to bolt.

Radish Purple Plum

Purple Round Radish Aprx 500 seeds 
Purple Plum has a bright purple skin and firm white flesh. It is hardy and stays crisp with a sweet but spicy flavour. A special addition to the salad bowl or for simply eating on their own. Ready in 6 weeks after sowing.

Radish Rainbow


Rainbow Salad Radish aprx 500 seeds

This special colourful Round Radish mix from JungleSeeds make beautiful bunches in a mix of red, pink, purple, yellow and white. Maturing over an extended period of time, they also stay crisp and mild even when large. Great fun for children and adds extra colour to the salad plate.

Radish Redmoon

Pink Conical Radish Aprx 200 seeds 

Redmoon is an Asian bred Radish with attractive fuchsia pink skin and rose-pink flesh. This very colourful radish has an appealing conical shape, with a mild and refreshing flavour and makes an excellent companion for Bluemoon. Good in stir fries with a crisp texture, and looks quite stunning when sliced into salads. The conical roots mature in about 60 days.

Radish Salad Rose


New for 2021!

Russian Pink Radish  Aprx 100 seeds җ җ

An exclusive from Burpee this is a gorgeous Russian rosy-pink radish. ‘Salad Rose’ a daikon variety grows to an awesome 8" long. Peppery young leaves excel in salads or can be stir-fried together with turnips and mustard greens. Excellent fall crops, radishes are easy to grow, and at their tangy best in cool weather. This radish retains its crispness without getting woody as it gets larger.

Radish Sparkler


Red and White Round Radish Aprx 500 seeds 

A mild flavoured, crisp radish with attractive bright red roots with a white tip. The white part of the root is normally below the soil level.

Radish Watermelon


Novelty Radish Aprx 50 seeds 

Radish Watermelon is a great novelty radish with a creamy white exterio with pale green shoulders but the inside flesh is a bright pinky/red. Flesh is tender, succulent and firm with a mild flavour that has hints of almond. Normally harvested at golf ball size before getting too large and cracking.

Radish White Icicle


Long White Radish Aprx 500 seeds 

Radish White Icicle has crisp tender roots with a sweet nutty flavour. 10-15cm (4-6")  Ready about three weeks after sowing.

Radish Zlata


Yellow Round Radish Aprx 500 seeds 

An unusual yellow radish with a moist juicy texture, quite a strong flavour but without being overly peppery. Produces superb roots throughout the spring and summer that are slow to go woody.

Salsify Mammouth White Island


White Salsify or Oyster Plant Aprx 200 Seeds җ җ

Salsify, often called the oyster plant for it's mild oyster-like flavour, is a cool weather crop, requiring quite a long growing season, between 120 and 150 days. A tall plant, they can reach nearly 3 feet with delicate pale purple colour flowers. It is grown for the sake of its fleshy, tapering roots that  taste like fried oysters when sliced and French fried.
It is a very easy and trouble free crop to grow normally as an annual much like parsnips or a closely related variety Scorzonera but initially a bit slow to get started.

Scorzonera Maxima

Black Salsify Aprx 100 Seeds җ җ
Scorzonera Maxima is an unusual root vegetable that deserves to be more popular with a unique oyster like flavour, sometimes incorrectly called black salsify which is a different species. Scorzonera is, in nature, a perennial, but acts like a biennial. While it can be planted in the spring and harvested in the autumn, it can also be overwintered and left to grow on further. Best grown like parsnips but the fine roots have to be carefully lifted to avoid breaking and a light sandy soil suits them best.