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Exotic Annuals for Quick Results

Traditional and unusual varieties to bring an exotic dimension to your summer planting. Our selection of annuals including cottage garden and tropical species that can be grown from seed for spectacular summer displays. Most of the ones included here are annuals but some are perennials  best grown as annuals in our climate. 

Annual Cut Flower Mix


Annual Tall Cut Flower Mix for sowing outside late May to early June.  Aprx 5gms 

A beautiful quantity mix of taller annual varieties ideal for cutting. Used by some local authorities for 'help yourself' beds, also great for pick-your-own. Throw to Sow instructions directly outside on a prepared and weeded seed bed from April to June. Please note: Seeds mixed together not in seperate packets by variety.

Calendula officinalis Princess Mixed


Pot marigold Aprx 30 seeds 

A mix of mostly double blooms with some singles suitable for cut flowers with 18" stems. The 3" flowers have golden yellow or orange petals with some black centres and some green centres. Can also be used in borders or containers.

Campanula Champion Mixed

Canterbury Bells 10 seeds
Campanula or Canterbury Bells are an old favourite with tall, open spikes of bell-shaped flowers. This one though can be grown from seed each year without the hassle of trying to over winter them as a biennial (mine always seem to die in bad winters!)  The Champion series sports 1" to 2"inch-long, upward-facing flowers in four colours: Blue, Pink, Light Blue and Lavender on spikes to 2ft tall and often used as a cut flower.

Capsicum annum Bolivian Rainbow

Ornamental Pepper 10 seeds
Capsicum Bolivian Rainbow is a beautiful ornamental pepper with purple foliage and flowers, it bears a profusion of fruit in a rainbow of colours on tall 2ft to 3 ft. plants. The small cone-shaped, 1" fruits start out purple, but turn yellow to orange, and finally to red, with all colour stages on the plant at once! The very hot peppers are edible, but are mainly grown for their striking appearance.

Carthamus Kinko


Safflower Aprx 50 seeds

This member of the sunflower family bears deep orange thistley like flowers but without any thorns . Excellent as an annual cut flower fresh and bred just for that purpose. Flowers are sometines used for colouring food, but have little taste. Often used as a dried flower in arrangements. Can be sown either directly outside or under cover Feb to Apr before planting out. Maximum height 4ft

Celosia Century Mixed

Plumed Celosia Aprx 50 seeds 
The flowers of this plumed celosia cluster together in great numbers and look like silky, feathery plumes in vivid hues of yellow, red, magenta, or apricot. The plumes rise above the foliage on 2-foot-tall stalks, which wave their flags of colour in the breeze from July to autumn frosts. Good for planting out or for large containers with 30cm plumes.

Celosia China Town

Red Plumed Celosia 25 seeds 
China Town is a really stunning plant, with its deep burgundy foliage and almost neon magenta blooms. It will bloom all summer and up until the first frosts giving a much-needed punch of colour in late autumn months. Seedlings have green leaves that turn deep red in summer sun. A compact Celosia to 15" tall.

Celosia cristata Amigo Mixed


Mixed Cockscomb Aprx 50 seeds 

Cristata form of Celosia with a lovely bright colour range. Can be used both as an indoor Summer pot plant or a as a bedding/container item. 15cm.

Celosia cristata King Coral


New for 2021!

Coral Cockscombe Aprx 50 seeds 

‘King Coral’ reigns supreme in the garden with a sea of wondrous texture in a spectacular display of unusually gigantic flowers! Each small 1ft plant produces one king-sized coral-pink velvety head, up to a foot in diameter, that glows all season long. Fantastic in a border or in small beds as accent plants. Or grow a few tubs on the patio for a show-stopping conversation piece.

Celosia Dragon's Breath

Red Plumed Celosia 20 seeds 
Dragon's Breath produces masses of blazing, deep red plume like blooms and striking red foliage. Even faced with intense heat, humidity and low water it keeps its cool, producing more and still more flowers and striking red foliage. Creates prodigious displays of long-lasting, feathery, deep-red blooms on 2ft tall plants Excellent as a cut flower or for a striking patio container.

Celosia Flamingo Feather


Pink/White Plumed Celosia Aprx 50 seeds 

Tall plants producing slender flower spikes on sturdy stems to 1m with soft pink plumes turning to white. The flowers branch out near the top of the stems excellent for either cut flowers under protection and outdoors for feature bedding.

Celosia Kurume

New Scarlet Bronze Cockscombe  Aprx 50 seeds 
A superb new scarlet Celosia cristata variety with bronze foliage.

Celosia Super Dwarf Kimono Mixed

Plumed Celosia Aprx 50 seeds 
A dwarf mix of plumed Celosia ideal for pot growing. A cheerful mixture of reds, pinks, salmon, orange, yellow and cream.

Cerinthe major Kiwi Blue

Honeywort 15 seeds  җ
Cerinthe major Kiwi Blue is a half-hardy perennial - usually grown as an annual that flowers from June to frost. A very attractive plant with purple-blue flower heads on deep blue green bracts. Cerinthe major Kiwi Blue has a smaller more branching habit, and deeper blue flower bracts, therefore also suitable for pot displays, but it will be at its most impressive planted out as bedding.

Chrysanthemum Merry Mixed

Painted Lady 1gm (Aprx 500 seeds)  җ
A marvellous selection of Annual Chrysanthemum that is easy to grow producing a marvellous display of tri-coloured flowers that will brighten any border on long stems suitable for cutting. Suitable for direct sowing outside from late April.

Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust

Cut leaved Dusty Miller Aprx 100 seeds
Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust is an old favourite for border edging, tubs, containers and hanging baskets with bright silver foliage all summer. "Silver Dust" is ideal for smaller containers or hanging baskets with deep cut silver foliage and a dwarf habit. For the best plants a really early spring sowing in heat under glass is essential as from my experience they are initially slow to develop.

Cleome spinosa Queen Series Mixed

Spider Flower Mixed (Pr Pkt)
Cleome spinosa Queen Series or ‘Spider Flowers’ are surprisingly not widely grown, a tall growing annual to 5ft with large 6” wide heads of spidery white, pink or violet flowers. Pinch out the main stem at 12”  tall to encourage side shoots for more flowers. Each flower head continues to grow over many months gradually getting longer. If you have not attempted this plant before it makes a lovely display when mass grouped. For a shorter variety to 3ft, choose the F1 hybrid Sparkler series.

Cleome spinosa Sparkler Mixed

A new FI Hybrid Spider Flower 15 seeds 
From the USA the first dwarf long blooming F1 Hybrid Cleome spinosa Sparkler!  Uniform habit, long bloom time and terrific heat- and sun tolerance of the huge 4- to 6-inch flower clusters on slightly smaller plants reaching 3ft to 4 feet tall with a natural bushy habit. Colours mixed including lavender, rose, white and a pink with a white flush.

Coleus Black Dragon

Coleus (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 15 seeds 
Coleus Black Dragon a wonderful Victorian type coleus with deep red centres bordered by purplish black frilly edges. My favourite coleus.

Coleus Chocolate Splash Lime

Chocolate Coleus 10 seeds
Coleus Chocolate Splash Lime is an unusual Coleus perfect for chocolate enthusiasts with dark chocolate leaves edged in bright lime green.

Coleus Exhibition Limelight

Exhibition Series Coleus (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 15 seeds 
Coleus Exhibition Limelight, a lovely large coleus from the Exhibition series, Limelight has bright golden yellow soft velvet leaves held horizontally. Quite tall, too, growing to 16” tall. For lovely golden yellow foliage contrasts in a border this one is a superb hybrid.

Coleus Exhibition Magma

Exhibition Series Coleus (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 15 seeds 
Coleus Exhibition Magma is one of the largest leaved coleus around, Magma has soft velvet leaves deep red with a gold edge held horizontally. Quite tall, too, growing to 16” tall. Some people leave the flowers on and the sky blue flowers contrast well with the foliage. If you are into deep red colours this one is a superb new hybrid.

Coleus Exhibition Palisandra

Exhibition Series Coleus (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 15 seeds
Coleus Exhibition Palisandra, a very dark coleus with soft velvet leaves that are uniformly purple-black, and larger than many other Coleus and held horizontally. Quite tall, too, growing to 16” tall. Some people leave the flowers on and the sky blue flowers contrast well with the foliage. If you are into black foliage this one is a superb new hybrid.

Coleus Kong Mosaic

Kong Series Coleus (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 10 seeds
Coleus Kong Mosaic, the Kong series Coleus took the market by storm in 2005. Landscaping plants with face sized leaves! This Mosaic variety is particularly popular.

Coleus Kong Red

Kong Series Coleus (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 10 seeds
Coleus Kong Red, the Kong series Coleus took the market by storm in 2005. Landscaping plants with face sized leaves! We offer the red and mosaic versions which we think by far the most striking of the small range available.

Coleus Rainbow

Coleus (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 15 seeds 
I cannot get round the new name for this well known plant - far too much of a mouthful for me! A very useful plant for pots, in hanging baskets, tubs and spot plants in a warm summer border with excellent tropical foliage. Coleus Rainbow are easy to grow and you can pick out the colours that you want from the mixed packet we offer.

Coleus Super Rainbow Red Velvet


Back in Stock!

Coleus Red Velvet (Solenostemon scutillarioides) 10 seeds

Coleus Red Velvet is a low growing lovely Coleus with narrow curled, velvety red/plum coloured leaves.

Collinsia heterophylla


Purple Chinese Houses aprx 200 seeds

In spring and early summer this rare Californian half hardy annual produces a great profusion of extremely lovely white and violet bi-colour snapdragon-like blooms, growing in perfect rings of widely spaced bands around the stems forming a kind of pagoda. Adored by bees and butterflies, it is also very easy to grow. Best in semi shade and reaching 10cm to 50cm depending on warmth and soil conditions. Can be raised in a greenhouse in early spring or direct sown outside in a prepared seed bed in April/May

Cosmos Candystripe

Cosmos Aprx 30 seeds
The markings on Cosmos Candy Stripe are unique and vary with each flower. The plants thrive on neglect and reseed themselves easily making them a great choice for wildflower meadows or naturalized areas. Drought tolerant, great for cutting, and attracts butterflies. A tall 3ft to 6ft plant for the larger border.

Cosmos Cosmic Mixed

Cosmos Aprx 50 seeds
A yellow, orange and red mix naturally stocky and well branched, very free flowering and only growing to 30cm. Cosmos Cosmic Mixed is ideal for bedding with a long flowering season. Because they bloom so freely all summer and into early autumn, they are recommended for highly visible areas for a truly "cosmic" show.

Cosmos Double Click Mixed


Double Cosmos Aprx 25 seeds

Cosmos Double Click is a very impressive new Cosmos introduction. The tall plants carry both fully double and semi-double flowers all summer long. Mixture of white, pink and carmine flowers. 120cm.

Cosmos Sonata Mixed

Cosmos Aprx 30 seeds
Cosmos Sonata Mixed is a top selling series of Cosmos available in a mixture of 4 separate colours of white and pink shades. These are dwarf plants with semi-erect habit and very free flowering. Ideal for bedding with a long flowering season. Because they bloom so freely all summer and into early autumn, they are recommended for highly visible show bedding areas.

Cuphea llavea Siracha Mixed


Bat Faced Cuphea 10 seeds

This Bat-faced Cuphea offers large, wide-open rosy red. pink and violet blooms from late spring all the way into fall, lasting right through any hot dry summers with ease. Excellent branching and compact habit, Sriracha Cuphea reach about 24 to 30 inches high and wide. Sriracha's blooms have a papery consistency that may remind you of Bougainvillea or Oriental Poppies. This gives them a delicate look, but in fact they are unstoppable, continuing to arise freely throughout summer and into autumn in most climates. Best grown as an annual and good for pots or bedding in a sunny location.

Eryngium Blue Glitter

Sea Holly 10 seeds
Eryngium Blue Glitter is a fast growing eryngium that can add height to the back of a border and a good stem length for fresh and dried cut flower production. 'Blue Glitter' has silver blue stems that unfold into an abundance of small shimmering blue pincushion flowers. Best in hot sunny conditions with a rich fertile soil that needs to be well drained. Actually a perennial but only for very mild areas that are frost free in winter.

Eryngium Purple Sheen

Sea Holly 10 seeds
Eryngium Purple Sheen, another attractive annual and architectural thistle with vibrant metallic purple blue flower stems and  bracts. Less spines than some varieties and the flowers or seedcapsules are excellent for cutting and interesting for flower arrangers. A perennial in warmer areas it is best grown as an annual in colder areas.

Eschscholzia Mixed


Californian Poppy Aprx 200 seeds

An easily grown annual this US native will happily self seed in UK if left alone flowering in mid summer.  This mix includes yellow and orange-red flowers. Best sown directly where to flower.

Eschscholzia Red Chief


Red Californian Poppy Aprx 200 seeds

An easily grown annual this US native will happily self seed in UK if left alone flowering in mid summer.  Red Chief has stunning bright red flowers. Best sown directly where to flower.

Eschscholzia Thai Silk

Californian Poppy Aprx 200 seeds
Eschscholzia Thai Silk or California Poppy makes a bold annual display, with an attractive mix of orange, red, cream, purple and yellow shades. Best sown directly where to flower.

Gypsophila Elegans Covent Garden


Annual Baby's Breath aprx 600 seeds җ җ җ

This is an elegant hardy annual for the border to 18", producing delicate flowers and foliage. Although it is mainly used for cut flowers it can also be grown as a flowering pot plant. Best grown in drifts or down steep banks for best effect.



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