Musa Helens Hybrid

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A Musa Chini Champa X Sikkimensis Hybrid - Available in packets of 10, 20 or 50 seeds

Fresh 2023 seed

Musa Helen's Hybrid, a recent discovery from eastern Himalaya that is puported to be a hybrid between Musa sikkimensis, a frost hardy banana and Musa Chini-Champa, a cool hardy edible variety. Growing at 5,000 ft elevation it should take a very mild frost at the roots and also grow well in our relatively cool summers. The plant produces an edible fruit, although these are full of seed, and should prove to be an excellent candidate for growing a fruiting banana, providing that you live in a frost free area? Strong growing with Sikkimensis type leaves but with Chini Champa's white bloom to psuedo stems.