About JungleSeeds

JungleSeeds is a company dedicated to providing seeds and plants for those of us wishing to grow jungle style plants and unusual vegetables in the UK.  Since it's creation in 1999, JungleSeeds has sourced and grown seeds and plants previously difficult to find in the UK.

In July 2022, the founder of JungleSeeds retired and we have now taken over running the business.  Please read on for more about us.

About Us

My family have always been keen gardeners, and I remember at a very early age being dragged around Wisley most Sunday mornings by my parents at a stage of my life when horticulture wasn't maybe towards the top of my priorities!  As I grew up, interest levels increased and like many I had a patch in my parents' garden where I could grow my own things.

The interest in exotic style plants started around 20 years ago.  There were two main influences at that time - Will Giles and his exotic garden in Norwich, and Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter.  Will wrote an excellent reference book (Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates) which is still a great source of information.  Christopher Lloyd created the exotic garden at Great Dixter - I can still remember my visit and how inspirational it was to see plants I had never seen before that looked as if they had no right to grow in the UK!

Over the years, more and more of our garden has been taken over by exotic style plants and we now have have an extensive range, many of which were originally grown from seed.

Our Vision

We would like to share our passion for growing plants from seed with you, providing our customers with opportunities to grow something a bit different as well as supplying many of your favourites.  We are a small team and will always do our best to provide a quality service to our many customers.


We supply over 700 different varieties of seeds and will continue to seek out new opportunities to source new varieties. In addition we will supply small quantities of seed from our own garden. Some seeds are relatively easy to grow, some are more tricky.  We provide sowing advice on the back of each packet of seeds, and information sheets as well for some of the more popular seeds that require specific treatment.


We may offer a small range of difficult to find plants later in 2023.

Wishing you every success with your gardening adventures!

Tim & the JungleSeeds team