Canarina canariensis

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Canary Bell Flower 10 seeds

Canarina canariensis is a rare member of the Campanula family from the Canary Islands. This tuberous plant makes glossy, orangey-red striped blossoms throughout winter given a frost free location. Best at temperatures below 25°C in the summer when it becomes dormant to help protect against drought conditions with underground tubers like a dahlia.

In late summer, long, scrambling shoots appear, with arrow-shaped, jagged-edged leaves. The 5' to 9' long shoots meander up through other plants or along the ground.  The striking, 2" bell-shaped flowers appear in late fall or winter. The foliage then dies down to the tubers in the spring, until growth resumes in the autumn. Useful for winter flowering in a cool semi shaded conservatory when it can be pot grown and trained up a trellis.