Cucurbiter Small Wonder

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Spaghetti Squash 10 seeds

A savoury, ultra-healthy alternative to pasta, Small Wonder Hybrid solves the problem of having to eat an entire monster-sized squash! Small Wonder comes in "small serving" size, with just enough tasty strands to satisfy one to two hungry people. An attractive golden-orange oval fruit with a pleasantly chunky shape and creamy yellow flesh. It is well "stranded" -- just slice it in half, steam, and fluff up the "noodles" for a delicious dinner! Just like its pasta counterpart, spaghetti squash is excellent with tomato- and cream-based sauces, as well as on its own with a little salt and butter or a squeeze of lemon juice.

A trailing variety reaching 4' to 6' long, with a vining habit and superior productivity. Small Wonder grows best in full sunshine and rich, well-drained soil. Pick the fruit when it's 5" or 6" long and weighs about 3 pounds.