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Cardoon 20 seeds җ җ җ

Cynara is an architectural clump forming plant which if given space really comes into its own. The plant shown in the picture is about 3 years old, already 10' across. Flowers are carried on strong stems up to 10' high and new foliage, beginning early autumn, is a very attractive soft blue grey. The flower form relates closely to the shape of a classic artichoke flower, slightly smaller and more delicate than the edible varieties, topped by a brush of bright blue flowers, quite stunning.  After the flowers fade I cut down the old stems and new growth soon forms from the base. These remain over winter growing slowly and looking very attractive, with only the occasional light frost damage before the spring heralds rapid new growth. Easy to raise from seed but you will need space to accommodate  it permanently. Young plants from off shoots or seedlings make excellent bedding before  becoming too large.