Physalis ixocarpa Grande Rio Verde

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Giant Green Tomatillo  10 seeds

Physalis ixocarpa or Tomatillo, a native of Mexico, is a relative of the tomato, eggplant and pepper. As a traditional part of Mexican cooking, tomatillos are found in stews, moles and salsas. They are seldom used whole, and are often pureed. Its texture is firmer than a tomato and it tastes like a tangy lemon. Grande Rio Verde has, like Cisineros, some of the largest apple green fruit between 2" and 3" weighing 3 to 4oz each. Growing tomatillos is like growing tomatoes, only easier. The tomatillos grow inside a papery husk. The husk helps to protect the fruit should a light frost occur. When the fruit has grown to nearly fill its husk, it’s ready to harvest. Make sure they’re picked before the fruit turns yellow, otherwise the fruit’s tangy flavour will be lost.