Agave ovatifolia

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Whale's Tongue Century Plant 10 seeds җ җ

Agave ovatifolia is a true dream of a plant, originally discovered in north-eastern Mexico where it grows in a small rugged mountain area between 3700 and 7000 ft. This giant form of the plant has much more attractive larger black spines and will grow into a large solitary plant with broad lightly keeled, almost unreal, powdery greyish white leaves in a dense rosette that can reach up to 10 ft across. In cultivation, it is well adapted to temperate climates - it can cope equally well with drought and severe freezes without damage. It will also hold up well in cold and damp winters if given excellent drainage, outperforming most other Agaves in this respect. For any Agave aficionado, this is a must-grow plant!