Dicksonia antarctica

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Hardy Tree Fern (Pr Pkt) җ җ

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Dicksonia antarctica  is one of the most beautiful species of plant to come from the southern hemisphere within the tree ferns. Alas our winter climate is a little harsh for most tree ferns unless a micro climate and suitable winter protection can be established. They are true ferns and hence need shade and high humidity as well as clement winter temperatures. The hardiest is Dicksonia Antartica capable of managing -5°C to -8°C without protection although the fronds will burn and die back at these lows. However if the crown is suitably protected in winter they can survive much lower temperatures and the 5' to 10' fronds in early summer are breathtaking. For those of you living in warm coastal waters or in a protected suburban environment where shade and humidity can be maintained in summer along with mild winter temperatures, these are essential for your tropical garden. They take years to grow and therefore becoming protected in the wild as pressure grows for more garden plants worldwide. You can grow them from spores and although it will take time to grow a tree fern which develops a trunk, the smaller plants are extremely attractive as large ferns.