Ensete ventricosum

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Ensete ventricosum the Abyssinian Banana 10 seeds

Fresh 2024 seed

The Ensetes are a separate species and only a relative to the Musa family, bearing strong attractive light green to grey green stiff leaves, some with a red mid rib and white bloom to the reverse side of the leaves. The plant shown is a 2 year old Ventricosum plant in July after over wintering in a frost free Greenhouse.

Ensetes are not frost hardy and must be dug up and kept in a frost free place over the winter.  Keep them on the dry side. Leaves can be cut back to reduce the space needed.  In Spring as temperatures increase water sparingly until in full growth and then plant out in May/June when no risk of frost. Germination requires a temperature of  27°C to 30°C.