Musa velutina

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Pink Banana - available in packets of 10, 20 or 50 seeds.

Fresh 2023 seed

Musa Velutina is an interesting novelty for planting out in summer as bedding or keeping in the conservatory. A small slender plant with narrow leaves to about 4ft, which flowers at a very young age (usually in the second year) producing a very attractive red and cream flower spike that stays reasonably upright. The novelty is the hand of small pink velvety bananas which form quite a talking point. This banana suckers readily from the base to produce a nice clump for next year, or you can cut them off for additional plants to grow on. It will need a warm greenhouse (10°C), or Conservatory for successful over wintering but is hardier than commonly believed. Musa velutina is relatively easy from fresh seed at about 30°C.