Michauxia tchihatchewii

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Catherine Wheel Flower 20 seeds җ җ

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I first grew this spectacular flower about 10 years ago and they are indeed wheel like, with about 20 white petals radiating from a central pale yellow hub. Each individual bloom is about 4 inches in diameter, and dozens open up simultaneously on plants up to 5 feet tall. Large numbers of buds extend the flowering period to at least a month. The leaves are produced mostly as a ground-hugging rosette; they are tough, deeply notched and covered with stiff hairs that people with sensitive skin might find irritating. Like a few other members of the Campanula family, michauxia is a biennial - it blooms in its second season from seed and then dies. But growing Michauxia tchihatchewii from seed is easy, making annual replacement of the plants no chore, just as gardeners are used to routinely replace biennial foxglove plants. A choice and rare plant.