Sequoia sempervirens

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Californian Redwood 15 seeds җ җ

Sequoia sempervirens is a native from just one area of our planet- a 450-mile strip along the Pacific Coast of North America. The trees prosper in this mild climate zone, where winter rains and summer fog provide an even temperature and a high level of year-round moisture. The trees inhabit sheltered, well-watered places of rich soil as far inland from the Pacific Ocean as the fog drift, seldom more than 20 miles and up the coastal mountainsides to about 2,000 feet elevation. The oldest verified redwood tree is at least 2,200 years of age, but many believe that some may be much older. The coast redwoods are the tallest living species on Earth. Often they can reach heights of 300-350 feet and diameters of 16-18 feet. More than a dozen trees exceeding 360 feet in height are now growing along the California coast. This is a fast growing tree and easy from seed. One of my own seedlings now stands at 30ft after 10 years but does like water and does not like the late spring frosts. Makes an attractive small tree in pots and is also part of our "Exotic Christmas Tree" seed range.