Ricinus Carmencita Pink

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Ricinus Carmencita Pink 10 seeds 

Ricinus Carmencita Pink - widely grown annual Mediterranean plants producing large attractive purplish leaves on red stems with clusters of red flowers and seed heads between the leaves. I grow it regularly as summer bedding, after witnessing it displayed to perfection in a Portuguese garden. An early spring sowing will produce 5’ plants by September. BEWARE that all parts of this plant are poisonous, in particular the seeds. Some of you may remember the umbrella stabbing of a spy many years ago in London using an almost untraceable deadly poison? This was Ricin, chemically extracted from the seeds of this plant!

Carmencita Pink is an award winning form with clear pink seed heads and green leaves with a grey/pink blush, often used at Wisley for bedding. Carmencita Red is the best red form.