Eryngium foetidum

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Culantro, Mexican coriander or Thai parsley. Aprx 300 seeds

Eryngium foetidum known as Culantro or Mexican coriander or Thai parsley is widely used in seasoning and marinating in the Caribbean, in Peru's Amazon regions and extensively in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Laos, and other parts of Asia as a culinary herb. It dries well, retaining good colour and flavour, making it valuable in the dried herb industry. It is sometimes used as a substitute for cilantro (coriander in British English), but it has a much stronger taste.

Grows best in moist, shaded positions with good drainage. It can survive in poor soils, but it is best to feed frequently with high-nitrogen fertiliser to keep the leaves soft. Does not tolerate frost. Cut off the flower stalks frequently to ensure continuing production of new leaves. May be planted under glass in pots for the UK.