Novelty Seeds

We continue this year to offer unusual tropical plants for you to try under the novelty section. These seeds were extremely popular last year and are plants primarily for interest because of their utility background or unusual behaviour. Perhaps it was a plant you saw on holiday and you want to try to grow at home, or you just fancy growing tea, coffee, cotton and many more?

Acmella oleracea


Toothache Plant or "Electric Daisies" Aprx 25 seeds

Acmella oleracea is a native to the tropics of Brazil, where it is called Jambu, and is grown as an ornamental and as a medicinal plant in various parts of the world. A small, erect plant, it grows quickly and sends up gold flowers with a red centre. Both fresh and cooked leaves are sometimes used in stews but eating a whole flower bud results in a grassy taste, followed by an extremely strong tingling or numbing sensation. These buds are known as Buzz Buttons or electric buttons and the numbing effect helps toothache. Best grown as a tender annual in the uk. James Wong refers to this as Electric Daisies but it has been known for many years as the Toothache Plant because of the numbing effect in the mouth reducing any toothache pain.

Adansonia digitata

Baobab or 'Upside Down Tree'   10 seeds
Regarded as the largest succulent plant in the world, the baobab tree is steeped in a wealth of mystique, legend and superstition wherever it occurs in Africa. The main stem of larger baobab trees may reach enormous proportions of up to 90ft in girth. The massive, usually squat, cylindrical trunk gives rise to thick tapering branches resembling a root-system, which is why it has often been referred to as the upside-down tree. There is a tale which tells of how God planted them upside-down. Many traditional Africans believe that the baobab actually grows upside-down. Can be grown as an unusual house plant bonsai but the trick is not to water the plant at all from leaf fall to new growth emergence in spring. In its native land it only gets rain for 3 days a year!

Arachis hypogaea

Monkey Nut   15 seeds
Monkey nuts (Arachis hypogaea) are neat plants resembling clovers. They can grow to 10 feet high but much smaller in pots with pretty yellow male flowers. The novelty is the female flower that sends out an aerial “peg” that extends all the way down to the soil, buries into the soil and produces up to four peanut seed pods 2” to 6” deep at the tip of each “peg”. Fascinating if you have not grown them before.

Camellia sinensis


Tea Plant 10 seeds

Always wanted to grow your own tea and coffee? Well here’s your chance, with this plant grown for tea in Sri Lanka and India. Camellia sinensis is a member of the Camellia family with white flowers preferring warm damp conditions but no frost. I have read that the first commercial tea plantation is being considered in Cornwall now taking advantage of Global warming.

Carnegiea gigantea


"Saguaro Cactus" 20 seeds

A star of many Western films, the iconic saguaro cactus is a spectacular feature of the Sonoran Desert in south western North America. Try just for the novelty if you are a cactus lover but beware they are seriously slow growing!

Coix lacryma-jobi


Job's Tears. 10 Seeds (Annual) 

Job's Tears is an ornamental, tufted perennial grass (annual in temperate climate) from Southeast Asia. Excellent for pot culture.  The hard seeds are used to make rosaries, or may be lightly toasted and ground for making a tea. The plant grows well outdoors as an ornamental summer annual in the UK or as a perennial in a greenhouse where it gets to about 3 feet high.  It requires full sun and a warm position, with very free-draining compost.

Cyperus papyrus

Egyptian Paper Reed Pkt
Cyperus papyrus or Egyptian papyrus reed produces the original paper made from the crushed and pulped stems. Easy to grow reaching 6ft to 7ft when mature. In the first year it makes a more manageable 3ft and is easy to grow from seed. Remember that it is a water reed and ideally will need to be left standing with the pot in tray of water. A decorative plant that we often grow as part of our summer bedding in a tropical border.

Delonix Regia

Flame of the Forest 10 seeds
From popular demand we have added this magnificent tropical tree to our novelty seed list. Delonix Regia a large tree flowers profusely in spring with sprays of scarlet flowers all over the bare branches before the new leaves emerge. It requires really hot dry conditions and is very difficult to keep alive over winter even in a heated greenhouse. The leaves though are attractive, similar to a jacaranda, making an interesting summer pot plant. I have placed this seed in the novelty section as prospects of it reaching flowering size in the UK are pretty remote. The tree bears long 2ft fruiting bean pods that I used to place in a "magic" circle when my daughter was an infant, anyone standing inside immediately became invisible - it was a magic tropical holiday game that she will always remember.

Desmodium gyrans

Telegraph Plant 10 seeds

Desmodium gyrans is another really unusual plant that actually moves its leaves about under certain conditions. Small lateral leaflets rotate on their axes and jerk up and down within a period of about 3 to 5 minutes early in the morning as the sun warms the plant to around 22°C. Patience may be needed to observe this phenomena but the plant is easy to raise from seed and soon makes a small shrub in a warm greenhouse.As far as we know the only four plants that show any leaf sensitivity movements are, Desmodium gyrans, Mimosa pudica the sensitive plant, Venus Fly Trap, and Averrhoa carambola the star fruit tree.

For a youtube video of this plant in action click here:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-fIKlcCbSU courtesy of Ian a customer of ours.

Dionaea muscipula

Venus Fly Trap 15 seeds
Dionaea muscipula has got to be one for the kids, I remember as a child playing with one of these plants for many hours feeding it flies and small spiders, and seeing if I could react quick enough to miss my fingers once the trap had been triggered! Slow growing though from seed but worth the challenge to own one of these unusual novelties.

Ecballium elaterium

Squirting Cucumber 10 seeds
Another plant for the masochists out there with mischievous young children, looking for suitable revenge! Ecballium elaterium has rough sea-green leaves on wandering stems to 1m or more and yellowish flowers followed by exploding inedible mini ‘cucumbers’ from July to frosts. These fruits explode to the touch when ripe, squirting out a thick gooey mess of seeds. I have read that it is hardy to about -5C!

Ficus benghalensis

Banyan Tree Aprx 200 tiny seeds

Ficus benghalensis is native to India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Although Banyan can get 100 feet tall with massive limbs supported by prop type roots that spread over an area of several acres, it can also make a beautiful bonsai tree. As it grows, Banyan produces aerial roots that hang down from horizontal branches and take root where they touch the ground. These vertical "prop roots" can create a forest on their own.

Banyan should be positioned in an area where it gets half shade or moderately bright light. Houseplants should be kept at 10°C to 25°C in the Summer and above 10°C in Winter.

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Liquorice Plant 10 seeds җ җ
This is the European plant that produces liquorice, Elettaria cardamomum is used commercially for sweets, baking, ice cream and drinks, and in some medicines. The Egyptians used this plant for its healing properties and is one of the most widely used in Western Herbal Medicine. The roots are harvested at the 3-4 year stage from seed and boiled to extract the liquorice. Best grown under glass for the first winter planting out the following spring after frosts have finished. The plants (a member of the pea and bean family) require a deep loamy soil with roots that can reach 4ft in length!

Gossypium hirsutum

Upland or American Cotton Plant 10 seeds
Gossypium hirsutum the cotton plant is easily grown from seed and will flower in the first year with hollyhock like yellow and maroon flowers followed by seed heads that when mature burst open to reveal white bolls of the American or Upland Cotton. Grows to about 3ft.

Gourd Bottle or Birdhouse


Out of Stock!

Bottle Gourd 10 seeds

We have often been asked by customers to offer the Bottle Gourd on its own and not just as part of the large Gourd Mix. It has a large round bottom section connected by a narrow neck to a smaller round upper section. Harvest when the smooth, greenish rind turns white or starts to brown. Excellent dried for useful bottles or ornaments etc.

Gourd Bushel


Mammoth Gourd 5 seeds

Why not try something different and grow this enormous gourd which can attain 4ft round and up to 50kg in weight. Like other gourds it can be dried and hollowed out for decorative purposes or used as a large bowl if cut in half.

Gourd Dinosaur

Large Strange Gourd 10 seeds
Dinosaur Gourd is a very unusual club gourd with raised "veins" A new item for us and a real novelty that I will certainly be growing next year in our seed trials.

Gourd Speckled Swan

Ornamental Gourd 10 seeds
Gourd Speckled Swan reminds you of a swan with its fresh dark green skin colour, with light green speckles. Grows to about 12" from the curve in the neck to the base of the fruit but a few fruits may have necks that do not bulb out. Very unusual and good for drying.

Gourds Autumn Wings


Ornamental warted Gourds 10 seeds

This ornamental gourd mix is a delightful assortment of deeply winged, warted pears and other shapes. The colours are vibrant, extraordinarily eye-catching and ideal for tabletop decorating.

Gourds Large


Mixed Shape Large Gourds 10 seeds

I have had great fun growing these large gourds again a few years ago in one of my greenhouses. Don't be fooled by the pictures these are monsters some up to 3ft long! Fully ripe and allowed to dry out in a warm room over winter they turn "wooden" making excellent Maraca ornaments.

Gourds Small Mixed

Small Gourds Mixe 10 seeds
These small gourds are more like small pumpkin plants with a wonderful colour range of ripe fruits to make a very ornamental bowl for the table. Easily grown in pots and planted out in the vegetable garden alongside your courgettes after all frosts have passed. The trailing vines can be trained up wigwam poles, a fence or left to run over the ground.

Kale Walking Stick

Jersey Cabbage or Giant Walking Stick Kale 20 seeds җ
Kale Walking Stick is a great novelty vegetable that can reach over 6ft tall with a cluster of edible leaves at the top. At the end of the season the stems can be cut off and polished to make a walking stick. If the plants are left over winter in a mild season they may grow even taller to 10ft!

Kigelia africana


Sausage Tree 10 seeds

Kigelia africana commonly known as the sausage tree is an African tree beautiful when in flower but easily recognised later by its huge sausage shaped fruits hanging from the branches. Best not planted where people are active underneath the tree as the fruits weigh up to 7Kg each! The fruit is used for some medical skin benefits and the tree is considered sacred by many communities. Only useful as a novelty in the UK but may be suitable for amy region that is frost free and quite cool tolerant.


"Bath Loofah" 10 seeds
This Gourd can be dried and the skin removed to produce the old bath Loofahs - do you remember these for scrubbing your back? Easy to grow from seed.

Mimosa pudica

Sensitive Plant 20 seeds 
If you have small grandchildren or children you must try growing this unusual Mimosa pudica plant. Only reaching 12" or so high it has delicate ferny foliage and pretty small pink flowers.

However the leaves fold up at the slightest touch recovering in 10 or 15 minutes back to their original form hence the name!

Nelumbo nucifera

Lotus Blossom 5 large seeds
Nelumbo nucifera the Lotus flower is an aquatic plant requiring plenty of space and a full sun location to thrive. It is nothing less than spectacular in bloom, with soft pink blossom up to 8” across, opening on top of a stiff stalk emerging directly from below the water. The leaves are enormous, sometimes reaching 2ft across. You will need an indoor pond in a heated environment for this one! The seed can remain viable for up to 200 years but is tricky to germinate. We provide special germination and growing instructions.

Nicandra physalodes

Shoo Fly Plant 20 seeds
Nicandra physalodes - a fast-growing bushy plant reaching a height of 3ft to 4ft. It has large lobed leaves, and large pretty blue flowers, followed by papery seed pods containing a large berry which look similar to the Chinese lanterns. The common name refers to the fact that it is regarded as a deterrent to whitefly if mixed among other plants in a greenhouse or outdoor crops. Best grown as an annual

Ochroma pyramidale

Balsa Wood 10 seeds
Ochroma pyramidale or the Balsa Wood tree produces one of the lightest and strongest woods, pound for pound stronger even than oak and long used in model making. A handsome specimen for sunny tropical climates with huge 2ft diameter soft attractive leaves easily grown under glass. One of the fastest growing trees known but in our trials they only reached 6ft in the first year. The small seeds need a high temperature of around 30°C to 35°C to germinate.

Ornamental Corn Fiesta

Ornamental Corn 10 seeds
A hybrid mix of the best ornamental corn for dried decoration. This unique Indian corn includes various tones of blue, red, yellow and white. Earlier than other Flint corn and averages 7 to 10 inch ears with 50 to 70% having attractive ornamental purple husks.

Oryza sativa

Japanese Rice - Koshihikari Aprx 40 seeds
Grow your own Paddy field? Oryza sativa is the premium rice of Japan, distinguished by its aroma, sweet flavour and sticky texture. Also, dried stalks are beautiful displayed in flower arrangements. Harvest time about 5 months and contrary to expectations it does not need to be waterlogged to grow well, just regular watering and heat! Worth a try for the novelty factor? Maturity: Approx. 160 days

Papaver Somniferum Giganteum

Ornamental Poppy Pods Pkt
The poppy flowers of Papaver Somniferum Giganteum are beautiful and grace gardens world-wide. The pods are very popular in dried flower arrangements, and the seeds are commonly used in baking. Giganteum grows the largest seed heads of all larger than golf balls and more like the size of a snooker ball.

Plukenetia volubilis


Sacha inchi 5 seeds

Sacha inchi a tropical plant grown as a slender vine with simple, pointed leaves and very small, white flowers followed by curious, star-shaped green fruits, which become woody as they mature. Its roasted oily seeds are not only very tasty but are extremely rich in unsaturated fatty acids, namely the healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 and some Omega 9, as well as higher in protein than even peanuts and was well known to ancient pre-Inca cultures in Peru. It will also tolerate temperate climatic conditions so suitable to a warm greenhouse as a novelty plant.

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus


Winged Bean  10 seeds

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, the winged bean is a strong growing, twining perennial legume to 6ft with large beautiful pale blue flowers. The plant is thought to have originated along the east coast of Africa and is used for leafy green potherbs, fresh pods, dried beans, edible tubers, animal fodder and forage, green manure, and cover crops; the winged beans are the ultimate multi-purpose crop. Young seedpods cooked for a few minutes taste like French beans but the roots and foliage can also be used and the flowers taste a bit like mushrooms - am all purpose tropical plant not at all frost hardy though.

Solanum mammosum

Titty fruit or Nipple fruit  10 seeds
Solanum mammosum is a small shrubby perennial that can be grown as an annual. Usually grown as an ornamental for its unique fruits, the plant also has a few medicinal properties. The juice of the fruit shows some detergent activity and can be used for washing clothing.The nipple fruit is related to the naranjilla and tomato, and the plant looks similar. Bushy shrub to 3-6ft capable of cold conditions if kept frost free. The pink-purple flowers develop during spring and are followed by the waxy, yellow colored fruit ripening a few months later. Fruits are poisonous.

Stevia rebaudiana

Sweet herb of Paraguay 10 seeds
Stevia rebaudiana is a herbaceous perennial, which is normally used as a natural herbal sweetener and a native to South America where the native Guarani have used it for over 1500 years to sweeten otherwise unpalatable medicinal drinks. Dry stevia leaf is up to 30 times sweeter than sucrose and in Japan about 40% of the sweetener market is stevia-based.

Stevia needs warm conditions and grows best in a well drained but damp acidic soil. The plant grows to about 1 metre and it is only the leaves that are harvested and can be used dried. Germination viability not high but once you have a plant growing it can be propagated by cuttings. Stevia rebaudiana does not have clearance to be marketed in the European Community as a food, so please only grow this as a novelty and not for consumption.

Swietenia mahogany

Mahogony Wood 10 seeds
Swietenia mahogany is the original mahogany of commerce. Sometimes seen as a handsome shade tree in the tropics, but quite rare in the wild after over harvesting of the valuable timber. Shiny pinnate leaves make it an attractive small pot plant as a novelty.

Tacca chantrieriá

The Bat Plant! 10 seeds
Tacca chantrieriá - a peculiar, black flowered tuberous based perennial, with a flower like bat wings, hence the name. This plant comes from monsoon rain forests, it will need a warm humid position to do well. A spectacular pot plant and a great talking point with your mother-in-law! We also offer the rare white form Tacca nivea.

Tacca nivea

The Bat Plant!   10 seeds 
Tacca nivea - a rare white form of the Bat Plant. These plants have got to be worth a try just for the novelty. Everyone I show a Bat plant to are simply amazed and usually have never seen one before.

Tectona grandis

Teak Tree 10 nut like seeds 
Tectona grandis is the original Teak of commerce. A handsome tree in the tropics with large green/yellow leaves and tolerant even of the occasional light frost. Makes a handsome pot plant with the large leaves assuming that you get past these seed pre treatment instructions I found on the internet.

"Either pour boiling water over the seed; or immersion in cold water for several days; or scorching in a light fire of leaves and grass (be careful here not recommended to try this indoors!) ; or alternate soaking for 24 hours then drying for 24 hours repeating the process for 12 to 15 days; or placing in a weak acid solution for a few minutes (I am not sure of the concentration so please do not try this one); or plain weathering outside in the summer for a few weeks; or lastly placing the seeds in a paste of cow dung and water for few days! (please do not ask us to supply the cow dung)"

Triffid Pack

Novelty Pack of Fast Growing Monster Plants

For anyone with a sense of fun, or like me have never really grown up, we have put together a novelty pack of "Triffid" seeds, all of these monster plants either grow tall and/or have huge leaves. I have included a mixed packet of each of the following seeds

  • Amaranth Lotus Purple (8ft)
  • Hibiscus manihot (10ft)
  • Chenopodium giganteum (8ft)
  • Ricinus Zanzibarensis  Huge leaves (15ft)
  • Ensete ventricosum (12ft 2nd year)
  • Helianthus Kong sunflower (12ft)
  • Solanum quiotense - Huge Triffid leaves (6ft)


Ziziphus mauritiana


Indian Jujube 5 large seeds

Ziziphus mauritiana or Jujube, is a tropical fruit tree species and widely naturalised throughout the Old World tropics from Southern Africa through the Middle East to the Indian Subcontinent and China. Pot grown it will develop as a bushy shrub 1.5 to 2 m tall. It will start to flower after 3 or 4 years producing orange to brown fruits 2–3 cm long, with an edible white pulp. Unlikely to bear fruit under glass in the UK but an interesting novelty.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

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