Chamaerops humilis

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Mediterranean Fan Palm  10 seeds  җ җ

Another good fan palm for the UK is Chamaerops humilis which can tolerate temperatures down to minus 10°C to minus 12°C. I have found it more frost tolerant than Butia Capitata. In the last two winters, temperature's have been down to minus 12°C here in Oxfordshire, and this plant suffers only minimal damage. It has a bushy habit throwing up a multitude of root suckers that produce more of a clump of palms rather than a traditional single stem. It does not get to any real height outside in the UK maybe 3 or 4 feet at most. It produces suckers, which in time create a bushy shape with quite stiff leaves, the only draw back is that it carries a number of sharp thorns on the base of the stems. You have been warned! Germination temperatures 25°C to 30°C.