Washingtonia filifera

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Desert Fan Palm   15 seeds җ

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Washingtonia filifera is one of my long standing favourites for a really tropical looking palm with its large fan leaves beautifully fringed with fine filaments. I tried for years over winter these palms in doors only to lose them in late winter or spring. I was under the impression they were really soft until I discovered that they are actually capable of minus 5C to minus 8C, providing they are given plenty of light. I now over winter them in a frost free cold greenhouse quite happily. I am also experimenting with all year round outdoor culture but you really need to be in a warmer micro climate than frozen Oxfordshire, and so far with only limited success. An architectural plant that is quick and easy to grow from seed, making a useful plant to bed out in its second to third year. Germination easy at 30C, with above 50% success rate.