Tectona grandis

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Teak Tree 10 nut like seeds 

Tectona grandis is the original Teak of commerce. A handsome tree in the tropics with large green/yellow leaves and tolerant even of the occasional light frost. Makes a handsome pot plant with the large leaves assuming that you get past these seed pre treatment instructions I found on the internet.

"Either pour boiling water over the seed; or immersion in cold water for several days; or scorching in a light fire of leaves and grass (be careful here not recommended to try this indoors!) ; or alternate soaking for 24 hours then drying for 24 hours repeating the process for 12 to 15 days; or placing in a weak acid solution for a few minutes (I am not sure of the concentration so please do not try this one); or plain weathering outside in the summer for a few weeks; or lastly placing the seeds in a paste of cow dung and water for few days! (please do not ask us to supply the cow dung)"