Adansonia digitata

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Baobab or 'Upside Down Tree'   10 seeds

Regarded as the largest succulent plant in the world, the baobab tree is steeped in a wealth of mystique, legend and superstition wherever it occurs in Africa. The main stem of larger baobab trees may reach enormous proportions of up to 90ft in girth. The massive, usually squat, cylindrical trunk gives rise to thick tapering branches resembling a root-system, which is why it has often been referred to as the upside-down tree. There is a tale which tells of how God planted them upside-down. Many traditional Africans believe that the baobab actually grows upside-down. Can be grown as an unusual house plant bonsai but the trick is not to water the plant at all from leaf fall to new growth emergence in spring. In its native land it only gets rain for 3 days a year!